Does Ryanair cheat? Has anyone been cheated by Ryanair?

My blog normally features articles on new destinations, but today I went to book a fly on Ryanair website ( and something very strange has happened and I would like to share my experience with you fellow travelers as I wonder if what has happened to me has happened to everyone else.

The fly I wanted to book was priced 52 Euros. I selected the flight and clicked to the button "Continue" to insert passenger details, card details and purchase the flight. The "continue" button did not seem to work. No problem, I thought, I closed the page, re-opened, re-entered flight details but now the price shown was 74 Euros. That happens, I said. I am a generation Ryanair guy at the end of the day, it is happened to me before, when you just have decided to book your fly, the price has changed. It is annoying but it may happen.

So I have booked the flight (a bit disappointed for the extra cost) and just out of curiosity reloaded the page, entered again flight details, same date, same time, same flight and hey..... the price was back at 52 Euros!!! Ryanar is cheating I said, this is a scam!!

So I took a screenshot of the Ryanair site, I have got in contact with Ryanair and I have asked for an explanation, and hey..... they seem not to have an explanation (and deliberately not understand my query very quickly inviting me to make a complain, that they will certainly ignore!).

Is it possible that Ryanair site changes a price just when you are starting to book and you have selected the flight you want to buy?
Is it possible that Ryanair lures you to book a flight that looks cheap and when has realised that you are really going to book rises the price (as you have started the purchasing process) and then put the price down again to lure the next customer? Is it at all possible?

I wonder, if something similar has happened to you with Ryanair or with another airline? If it has then I am right in feeling that Ryanair is cheating on this, but please do leave your comments / experience below, if it has happened to many, well then.... Ryanair may own us an explanation! ... and dear Ryanair please note I am a fan of yours, without you I would have never be able to travel so much as I did, but still... I feel you have lost my confidence here and I really do hope that you can provide an explanation to what has happened.

Safe flight!
Ed WhatAmIDoing Here