Where is the best preserved Medioeval town in Brittany?

Dinan is definitely the best preserved Medioeval Town in Brittany.

You can walk in the old town and admire the beautiful buildings built in wood in Middle Age and wonderfully preserved, the old cobbled streets and the many picturesque shops.

And the Medioeval church tower is absolutely amazing. 

You can almost imagine the life of Dinan in Middle Age. 

Many towns in France and in Europe still possess interesting Medioeval buildings, but what makes Dinan special is definetely the fact that all the old town is so wonderfully preserved, including the buildings built in wood.

Then you can discend to the river along the beautiful cobbled street, leading to the river harbour, admiring the old walls of Dinard. 

It is amazing to observe how well preserved are the narrow Medioeval lanes.

The river port at the bottom of the Medioeval town is another wonderful jewel in this wonderful city. Like many centuries ago the river still connects today Dinan with the beautiful town St Malo and the sea. 

One time the river represented the road from where goods were reaching Dinan, today little boats departs towards St Malo and the sea offering a panoramic way to connect the two towns.

It is a wonderful feeling to walk in Dinan and it certainly a great destination if you are visiting St Malo or more generally Brittany.

A special thanks goes to Patrick Crehin and his wife from Lamballe: hospitable, aknowledgeable and great and open minded spirits. Soon, with Patrick, we will also discover the spectacular Coast of Penthievre and its beautiful cliffs, beaches and seaside towns. Thanks a lot Patrick to make us discover Dinan and the Coast of Penthievre.

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