The Theatre of Silence in Lajatico - Andrea Bocelli's home masterpiece.

If you are visiting Volterra or Pisa, in the heart of Tuscany,  you are around 30 minutes away from the birthplace of Andrea Bocelli, the famous Italian Opera singer that took the place of Luciano Pavarotti in the heart of many.

The fact is that Lajatico is not just the place where Andrea Bocelli is born, it is a wonderful medieval Tuscan village wonderfully kept and sadly often overlooked because tourists are attracted to Volterra or San Gimignano and they don't have time to visit Lajatico.

Il Teatro del Silenzio - Andrea Bocelli's Theater and Art Masterpiece in Lajatico, Tuscany.  Sculptures have been selected to be exhibited on a platform in the centre of the lake. In 2008, Mario Ceroli's "Il Cavallo di Bronzo", a bronze horse was displayed with past sculptures including Arnaldo Pomodoro's "Il Grande Sole", and works by Igor Mitoraj and Kurt Laurenz Metzler.

Lajatico is also famous because of the Teatro del Silenzio, the Theater of Silence. The Teatro del Silenzio is a creation of Andrea Bocelli, a wonderful outdoor theater at the heart of the best of Tuscany's landscape. During the summer months you may have the chance to see Bocelli himself performing in the wonderful theater, but even if you happen to visit Lajatico in winter, the theater cannot be missed.

The wonderful Tuscan landscape of Lajatico with the Theater of Silence on the background.
Il Teatro del Silenzio is a wonderful destination.

Theater of Silence is a magnificent and inspiring name for a magnificent and inspiring place, even if you visit in the winter and no concert is scheduled at that time, it is still worth visiting the Teatro del Silenzio. As the name says, where there is none there the Silence is on stage, surrounded by the magnificent Tuscan countryside, it is absolutely inspiring!

You can just seat in the natural hemicycle there and enjoy the panorama and the silence surrounding the deserted stage. You can then have a stroll in the beautiful medieval town of Lajatico, an unspoiled Tuscan village, with its medieval tower, the main square where you can frequently see Bocelli joining the local in the village discussions. I have seen in him on his horse, in front of the village church, in a Sunday morning, just after the mass was finished, talking with his friends and the priest. Tuscany is amazing because it is so natural, unspoiled, traditional, but also so unexpected. Who would have thought that Andrea Bocelli was just there, talking with is friends, no bodyguards, no police, just as a common Tuscan countryman?

Lajatico map - The Theatre of Silence (Teatro del Silenzio) - Andrea Bocelli's home is just an hour away from Florence and Lucca and around 40 minutes from Pisa and San Gimignano only twenty minutes from Volterra. In blue I have also marked a wonderful tour that you can do by car or by bike touching Florence, but also other fantastic Tuscany towns.

Lajatico and the Theater of Silence are an absolutely must for lovers of Italians most picturesque towns, but also for lovers of Andrea Bocelli and why not? for lovers of trekking.

From the theater a wonderful path leads you all the way towards Volterra, you can walk or cycle as the way is long about 22 kms, but it is an absolutely must. If you are visiting Pisa, Volterra, Florence or Cinque Terre plan a day trip to  Lajatico and the Theater of Silence, in the town where Andrea Bocelli lives.

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