How to get to Granada and visit the Alhambra

If you are visiting Granada, it is likely you are touring around Andalusia.

Seville Airport and Malaga Airport offers the best low cost flights to the area from all over Europe.

From either Seville and Malaga you can easily travel by train to Granada. Or if you prefer by bus.

To visit the Alhambra we recommend you to book your tickets well an advance through internet.

If you haven't done so and you are already in Granada, your best option will be to get up very early and queue at the ticket office before opening time.
Everyday a small quantity of tickets to visit the Alhambra the same day is sold at the opening of the ticket office.

Note that the ticket is only valid for the date and the time printed on.

Consider also visiting the Alhambra at night for a magic and unique experience.

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