Thailand by train

Here some tips for travelling in Thailand by train.

Trains in Thailand are inexpensive, reliable and comfortable but you should always keep in mind:

I. Trains in Thailand are easily fully booked. Book your train well an adavnace when you can.

II. Avoid to travel in 3rd class if you look for comfort, ask for air conditioned wagons.

III. Don't book with a travel agency unless it is necessary. Booking at the trains station is reasonably easy.

IV. If you are travelling to an island ask if there is any combined ticket available (train +  ferry). It is usually cheaper and the ferry companies will be reliable.

V. For long distance journeys travel during the night when possible. You will sleep in a comfortable air conditioned wagon.

VI. Sometimes trains station are well far away from the town you are planning to visit. Check on internet the location of the train station. If it's too far away prefer the bus.

VII. Bring food and plenty of water with you for your journey.

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