Guernsey is a wonderful island situated 50 kilometres (31 mi) west of France's Normandy coast and 120 kilometres (75 mi) south of Weymouth, England and lies in the Gulf of St Malo.

Guernsey has beautiful beaches, a great coastal path, great panoramas from the cliffs.

Victor Hugo, the French writer of Les Miserables, lived in Guernsey during his exile and the House of Victor Hugo is open to visits today.

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The French author of Les Miserables lived in exile in Guernsey. 
His house is an amazing display of the artistic taste and personality of Victor Hugo.

In August for a weekend the South of the Island is invaded by dozens of scarecrows along the narrow lanes, the cottages and the beautiful gardens in bloom... A wonderful festival for all the family!

Also visit the nearby island of Jersey:

The beautiful island of Jersey is only an hour away from Guernsey.
If you have ever seen the TV series "Bergerac" you will certainly recognize many of the beautiful panoramas of the island.