What's this site for?

If you ask me: Do you  think someone need to start a new site about travels today?

I answer: Absolutely not! There are too many already, for Goodness sake!

And now you for sure would like to ask me: 
So why you made this site?

I love travelling and I always plan new travels. 

It can be just a weekend away, a day-trip or a journey that last a year or two.

Often I browse on Internet and I look for inspiration for my next travel. And I get annoyed!


Because I don't know where to look to get my inspiration!

It is very difficult to explain what I mean but I try anyway...

Do you remember when many years ago, when the computers were Atari, Commodore or PC286, you used to buy travel magazines at the newsagent?

You didn't have already an idea of where you were going to travel.

You didn't even have an idea of what destinations would be featured that month.

Ages ago, you were just buying your travel magazine just because you were looking forward to go home and read about some great destinations and possibly see great photos!

In one sentence: to be inspired!

And because the paper was limited, the editor had to make a choice and publish only the best destinations, the best photos, the best tips,etc. So what you read was really inspiring!

Do you find the same on internet? 

I don't.

The so called professional travel sites are like an encyclopedia.

They mapped the entire world.

They list so many destinations that you spend hours to understand which destinations are really worth a travel and which ones are not!

Exactly the same that would happen if instead than read a travel magazine you read an encyclopedia to be inspired for your next travel.

Why you used to buy your monthly travel magazine instead than look in your encyclopedia to be inspired for your next travel?

Because you wanted not just information but inspiration!

I mean I use these sites too, but when I have a place already in my mind and I want to read info about. In this case I have to admit they are useful.

So you can tell me: read some blogs.

Good point!

Some blogs are very good, but there are so many and most of them are full of information I don't actually need!

"We took the plan at 4 am in a cold evening, when we arrived I met Andrew... we went to drink the best Kapiroska in Europe in the bar in front of the Cathedral...at 2 in the morning we walked back at the hotel..."


The result is usually that after having seen some great photos of a place in one of these blogs, I go to the library or a bookstore and I take a guide book about the country / place posted in the blog, I go home, I open the book, I read it and I plan my journey.

Ok so, what's this website for?

This website should work like an old, dear travel magazine!

Some of you have already pushed the close button and left my site for ever.

I continue for the ones who resisted the temptation.

The idea of this site is to present only destination that are really worth a travel, with few photos, hopefully inspiring, and short posts so that you can see:

1) what in reality there is to see travelling to the featured destinations;

2) how to visit the destination in the most enjoyable way possible.

Simple as that?

Yes simple as that.

I know travel magazines exist both on line and on paper.

I don't think my site will be better than some of them.

I only think my site will be my personal selection of places to visit.

It is possible you will like my selection, my photos and my posts or it is possible not.

That's ok really!

Now use the menu at the top of the page and browse through the different continent and countries.

In this site you will not find every possible destination on this big Earth.

In this site you will find only few destinations, but I can guarantee, they are destinations that are certainly worth the travel.

You will not even find every possible destination worth a travel on this big Earth.

For this reason if I see some great photos about a place in some blogs, I write the blogger and I ask: Can I publish some of your photos?

Or... I read you have been in Toronto, or in Lima, or... do you have some great photo I can publish on my site?

For the same reason I will love to recieve your photos, favourite destinations and opinions (email: ed.whatamidoinghere@gmail.com), but I warn you I don't publish everything I receive.

I only publish what I believe is worthwhile a travel.

I am not like the big websites that publish everything about everywhere...

Browse on the horizontal menu at the top of my site.

Look for a continent, a country, a destination...

Open the post, look at the photo, you don't like it?

Close the post and open another one.

You like it?

Read quickly the post, take a calendar, look when you can travel there, book your flights and visit that place!

Life is too short. Go and travel today, tomorrow maybe too late!

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