The incredible Buddha in the tree - Ayutthaya - Thailand

Where is Ayutthaya and why to visit Ayutthaya?

The wonderful city of Ayutthaya is an hour and a half away from Bangkok. 

Ayutthaya is the old capital of the Siamese kingdom and it possesses a huge historical heritage of that time. 

It possesses many archeological areas in the centre of the city where it is still be possible to admire the beautiful temples of the XV and XVI century and many more amazing wats (local names for the buddhist temples) and religious sites.

The reclining Buddha (below) and the Buddha in the tree are maybe the most incredible monuments of this religious site.

The Buddha in the tree, according with the story, is the head of one of the many statues of Buddha decapitaded during the Khmers invasions, that for chance fell in the jungle nearby and was later encapsulated by the huge tropical trees growing in the area, so becoming part of one of them. It is a very important religious site today.

Watch these incredible sights of Ayutthaya and read below our practical tips to visit Ayutthaya.

Ayutthaya, late evening - Historic Temples - WAT PHRA SI SANPHET - THAILAND

The reclining Buddha, AYUTTHAYA 

Wat Phranan Choeng - Ayutthaya


Wat Phra Si Sanphet - Ayutthaya, Thailand

How to get to Ayutthaya?

I. Ayutthaya is very well connected to Bangkok. 
As you will probably arrive from your country in Bangkok, put Ayutthaya as the first stop on your travel in Thailand (read more about our suggested itineraries for your travel in Thailand).

II. Travel from Bangkok to Ayutthaya by train. Although is not very fast you will avoid the famous Thai scam buses and the travel is relaxing and the train direct. (Read here if you are planning to travel by train in Thailand)

III. If you want to save time and avoid travelling in the hottest hours consider taking the train to Ayutthaya in the late evening.

Where is best to stay in Ayutthaya?

IV. Ayutthaya is more and more touristy, but the town still not possess an awful lot of accommodation, consider booking an advance.

V. At night the town is deserted, apart for some annoying stray-dogs. Avoid arriving at night unless you know where are you going.

VI. Do not stay near the train station. Prefer the area near to the old temples.

How long to stay in Ayutthaya?

VII. We advise you to stay no longer than two full days. Temples are interesting but in two days you can see the most. Consider also the fact that is not much else to do in Ayutthaya apart for seeing the temples and it is very hot. Even if you are passionate about archaeological sites, you should consider saving time to visit also the beautiful temples of Sukhothai, "only" 5/7 hours away on the road to Chiang Mai.  

What is to see in Ayutthaya?

VIII. Most of the archaelogical sites are not free. Because there are at least a dozen of interesting archaeological sites, decide an advance what temples are really interesting for you to visit.

IX. The photos on the pictures above show what we consider the essential sights in Ayutthaya. 
Make sure to visit at least: The incredible Buddha in the tree, Wat Phra Si Sanphet, WAT PHRA MAHATAT, Wat Phranan Choeng, The reclined Buddha.

Where to go next after Ayutthaya?

Absolutely consider to visit the beautiful archaeological site of Sukhothai, the most interesting and best preserved archaeological site in Thailand (click here to read more info).
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What else to see in Thailand?

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