Ipanema's sandy girls @ Ipanema sandy beach in Rio de Janeiro

Seven new sights of Rio de Janeiro. 

A wonderful city that impressed me for its beauty and its variety.

I deliberately added to the six sepia photos of Rio under a wonderful sun, the only one in colours taken inside Rio's Metropolitan Cathedral of Saint Sebastian, Edgar Fonseca's masterpiece. 

I believe that the contrast between the sepia photos and the one in colour of the inside of the Cathedral represents and celebrates very well the many beautiful contrasts of Rio de Janeiro that make this city so wonderful!

Coco's juice @ Ipanema beach
Rio de Janeiro is certianly an unmissable stop in every great world tour and certainly a city you should visit at least one time in your life.

Rio de Janeiro is a city in constant change and development in these days and it is something you should take in consideration before you plan your visit.

We published two different posts about Rio and we are already planning to publish more about this wonderful city.

Here you will find some tips about visiting Rio in the other post "7 sights of Rio #1 Part" you will find some more info for planning your visit in Rio de Janeiro.

Ipanema Beach - Rio de Janeiro
I. First thing in Rio visit the Cristo Redentor and enjoy the wonderful views from up there. It will help you to have a comprehensive idea of the city and decide what you want to visit.

II. If you have already seen Rio from the Cristo Redentor is not so much point to see it even from de Morro de Urca (Pao do Azu├žar), use your time and money to see something different!

Waves @ Copacabana - R de J
III. Visit one of the Favelas of Rio with a no-profit organization. You will have a complete different idea and understanding of what a favela is and you will contribute to one of the local development projects!

IV. Spend a Saturday or a Sunday at Ipanema beach. Walk along the lively promenade, seat at one of the many beach bars, admire the sand sculptures and watch a football match on the beach!

Daily life near Favela de Rochinha - Rio de Janeiro
V. Visit the city center and see some great colonial architecture in Rio. Also visit the financial area and the modern and controversial, but certainly impressive, Metropolitan Cathedral. Visit the area only during business hours!

VI. Enjoy a wonderful walk in the jungle in the center of Rio. Tijuca has the third largest urban forest in the world and is certainly a great places for a walk. Spot the local monkeys in the trees and remain always on the main path!

Light in the dark @ Rio de Janeiro Metropolitan Cathedral of Saint Sebastian 
VII. Take the metro to move around Rio. It is all considered the safer way of transport. Be careful when you come out from the metro stations, particularly after dark!

VIII. Visit the Museu Nacional de Bellas Artes. The building and beautiful and the collection of local contemporary Brasilian art is interesting as well.

Sunset at Ipanema

IX. Watch the sun set at Ipanema. Simply unmissable!

X. Visit Rio during the Carnival only, and I mean ONLY, if you are interested in the Carnival!

Sunset in the most glorious football pitch of the world @ Ipanema Beach - R de J

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