Da Vintage Code, one of the many Kensington Market shops. 
Kensington is the centre of Toronto's bohemian scene. Its narrow streets bustle with immigrants, punks, and yuppies. Stores include surplus shops, coffee houses, small restaurants and record stores. Defintely a must see in Toronto.

You should plan to visit Toronto!

Toronto is the most populous city in Canada, the fifth most populous city in North America and the provincial capital of Ontario.

With Pablo of www.wherespablo.com , a curious guy, as he defined himself, and certainly a great blogger with the true spirit or the traveller we discover this beautiful and multicultural city in Canada thanks to his great photos published here.

Why to visit Toronto?

In one sentence: Toronto is one of the most culturally and ethnically diverse cities in the world. More than 80 ethnic communities are represented, over half of the city's residents were born outside Canada.

Some facts?

Toronto hosts fantastic ethnic festivals throughout the year, it has dozens of radio stations that broadcast in at √≤east 20 languages and at least two multicultural television channels. 

To give you the idea: the City of Toronto officially deals in 16 different languages, while the public transit agency Toronto Transit Commission offers a help line in 70 languages. 

Pablo's great photos are able in 7 sights to show the many sides of such a different and multicultural city. Enjoy Pablo's pictures: I think they are great because looking at them you can almost feel what wonderful mosaic of cultures and styles Toronto is today.

What to see in Toronto:

"Graffiti Alley"
Rush Lane, universally known as "Graffiti Lane" is a great collection of street art pieces. Situated between the main thoroughfares of Queen Street and Richmond, is unique because it offers a wonderful place for artists to express their creativity and there you can almost feel the modernity and the fertility of Toronto's cultural enviroment.

China Town
China Town in Toronto is maybe one of the best example of the city's multiculturality. Toronto possesses 6 different Chinatown. 

The Chinese district is one of the largest of the entire American Continent. It stretches along Spadina Avenue and Dundas Street and it is especially crowded on weekend days. 

For more multicultural example's you should visit the mazing Koreatown and the picturesque Toronto's Little Italy quarter, Little India, on Gerrard Street between Greenwood and Coxwell with its vibrant South Asian community and the Portuguese Village

CN Tower
The Cn Tower is certainly one of the most iconic symbols of Toronto. Situated in the downtown, the central district of Toronto, that is the financial heart of the nation. Along Bay Street you can see the modern buildings where are located the major banking institutions of the country.

The second tallest free standing structure in North America, at over 500 metres tall. CN Tower has a glass elevator to the top. The views are wonderful! And you can also dine at the revolving restaurant, which offers spectacular views at sunset.

St. Lawrence Market
St. Lawrence Market is with Kensington Market (see cover photo above) one of two major markets in Toronto and it was awarded the title of the world's best food market by National Geographic in April 2012.

Steam Whistle Brewing
What to do and see in Toronto? 

Toronto has a lot to offer.

From its wonderful parks (Edwards Gardens and the Toronto Botanical Gardens) to its amazing Museums (The Art Gallery of Ontario, the largest art gallery in Canada, exhibits from the world's largest collection of Henry Moore sculptures to Ruben's The Massacre of the Innocents). From the modern downtown to the beaches and the islands of the Lake Ontario you will need time to enjoy the best of the city.

The Steam Whistle Brewing is a great attraction. The brewery was previously the home of a Canadian Pacific Railway steam locomotive repair facility, and operated as such until May 13, 1988. Today you can visit the brewery producing a premium pilsner lager using, they say, only four natural ingredients: spring water from Caledon, Ontario, hops from Germany, two-row barley and yeast.

Trompe l'oeil painting

Hope you enjoyed our photographic tour of Toronto with Pablo's photos. We promise we will soon explore more of Toronto. But now we want to say a great thanks to Pablo.  

We will follow you on your travels with your unique passion and interest on your great blog "Where's Pablo?". Take care and all the best Pablo!

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