Does King Arthur's Round Table exists? Where is it?

King Arthur's Round Table exists and you can visit it!

It is amazing in two ways.

First it is amazing for how it looks.

It is a masterpiece of carpentry. It is wonderfully built in wood and wonderfully decorated in black, white and green, the names of the Knight of the Round Table inscribed all around.

Second and most important King Arthur's Round Table is amazing because doesn't date back to King Arthur times, but still it is 800 years old and it is extremely impressive.

Why someone could have possibly wanted to make a huge Round Table in the 1300? And why to make it so beautiful to be certainly magical and (say the true) would you be able to imagine a round table more real than this one in the photo?

This is what King Alfred (also known with the name of King Alfred The Great) would have probably thought.

Yes I said King Alfred, not King Arthur.

The thing is on King Arthur's Round Table the king depicted is not King Arthur!

Despite the name written below the picture the King depicted is most certainly King Alfred.

But what am I talking about and who is King Alfred? And most important where is King Arthur's Round Table?

Have you ever heard the name Winchester?

The Winchester I am talking about doesn't have much to do with the famous rifle.

The Winchester I am talking about is a beautiful town in the South of England, an hour South of London and , although sometimes forgot, the town of Winchester is so important in the history of England to rightly deserve to be the town of King Arthur's Round Table.

Winchester was also for a short time the capital of England, during the black death in London.  

Would be not this enough to make of Winchester a wonderful place to visit in South of England?

But let's go back to our point: why someone had painted King Alfred The Great on King Arthur's Round Table in Winchester?

Well, it is quite simple: King Alfred was the king and the only King of Winchester and it was the local hero!

King Alfred ruled Wessex from 871 until his death in 899 and he saved his country!

At the time of his enthronement the Viking had taken control of half of England and were threatening Wessex, the region of Winchester.

King Alfred army won the battle of Edington and saved the country.

Probably you have heard about Winchester Cathedral...
Not only this! But King Arthur, it is said, managed also to convert the Vikings to Christianity!

What more a king could have done in the eyes of the man (anonymous) who built King Arthur's Round Table in Winchester?

Would you believe, the Wintonians (so they are called the citizens of Winchester) are so proud of their king even today that to celebrate the anniversary of his organized a reenactment of the burial procession  and, instead to make another Round Table, they just opened a Facebook page, so know King Alf 8as they call King Alfred in 21st Century style) is on like Madonna and Michael Jackson. (you don't believe me? Go and look at 

It is a bit unusual Winchester isn't it?

Well it is even more. Probably you have heard about Winchester Cathedral... but this is another story... Click here to read more about Winchester.

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