Your space for your business at the top and/or at the end and/or at the side of the post, where readers will look for you!

An example of how your business will look on our site
Thank you for visiting this page! 
Here you can find some practical info for advertising on our site.
Now it's the right time to start advertising on internet and make your business known! 
Carpe diem is the first rule in business! Don't miss your chance!

Why to advertise on my site?

I. Many people will see you.

My site is currently having lots of visits from real travellers. I don't artificially increase my readers. People who read my blog are people who genuinely like travels. 
This means lot of real people will see your advert here!

II. People see you exactly when they need you!

We will advertise your business in the right place!

I publish about a number of different destinations, I WILL BE ABLE TO PLACE YOUR ADVERT WHERE PEOPLE ARE MORE LIKELY TO LOOK FOR YOU!

I will advertise your business at the heart of my post, so that my readers will easily see you when they are planning their travels

III. Our prices are very reasonable.

This website started as a hobby and will never become a business as this is not what I want.

With the money you will pay for publishing your advert I will finance some new travels around the world so that I will be able to add more posts on this blog.

As you can read below I receive payments through Paypal.
I believe Paypal is at the moment the safest way to effectuate money transactions.

IV. Check out our prices!

I ask you very little and you have many options.

Advertising on just one post
1A) £20 to advertise your business one month on one post
1B) £30 to advertise your business two months on one post
1C) £60 to advertise your business six month on one post

Advertising on two posts:
2A) £30 to advertise your business one month on two posts
2B) £50 to advertise your business two months on two posts
2C) £100 to advertise your business six month on two posts

Advertising on ten posts:
ALL1) £200 for a month
ALL2) £300 for 2 months
ALL3) £600 for 6 months

V. I will design the advert for you and for free 
(or I accept adverts already made if you already have one)!

I will advertise your business on one of the most popular formats on internet.
You can choose to advertise on:
- wide skyscraper 160x600 pcs.
- leaderboard        728x90 pcs.
- medium rectangle 300x250 pcs.

I can suggest you the best format for your business.

On the advert I will write the name of your business, the address, the phone number, the email address and a link to your site (if you have one). I can add a picture you will send me (like your business logo, TM or just a photo of your business).
If you have an advert already made you want to publish: no problem! I will publish it as you like!

VI. It is very simple to advertise on

1) Send me an email at stating in the subject "My business on your blog" telling me which of the publishing options above you have chosen.
2) I will send a regular invoice. 
3) You will send me the money though paypal (everyone who has a bank account or a credit/debit card can send money through Paypal. Paypal is considered the safest way for money transaction in the net. Read about Paypal on Wikipedia and on Paypal site).
4) From the day after I have received the money I will advertise your business for 31 days (a month) - 62 days (2 months) or 186 days (6 months). 
5) At the end of the period you can renew your subscription if you want. 

Send me an email today stating in the subject "My business on your blog" telling me which option you have chosen! You will not regret it!

Your space on!