Are you walking the Grand Randonnée 34 and you want to meet locals?

The wonderful Beach at Kerlouan, in Brittany, 40 Km North of Brest is one of the many wondeful places to explore in North of France, near Brest, where the Walk and Talk Brest group is based. (Photo by Cathy Dolou)

Walking is a great passion and a great enjoyment, but sometimes you don't want just to see great places and enjoy the walk.

If you are visiting a place you want to do more: you want to speak with locals, get info, get to know them, in one word: socialize!

And if you are living in a place where there are great trekking routes?

Exactly the same! You want to socialize, meet other locals or travellers, have some fun and maybe practice your English!

If it happens you are walking in France or you are living in France, along the long path Grande Randonnée 34 near Brest, all this it will be possible now!


Cathy Dolou from Brest founded a new great Facebook group called Brest Walk and Talk !

We interviewed Cathy, the founder of the group, a great traveller, trekker and couchsurfer from Brest.

Brest is in Brittany, in the North West of France. A perfect base for great hiking the area.
Hello Cathy, how are you doing?

We heard about this new group and we want to know more about it.  

Tell us, what is this group about?

This group is about hiking and socializing with internationally oriented people who want  to open up to other cultures and  practise their English.  

Hikes and picnics will be organized in Spring and Summer and we'll have shorter walks in Autumn and Winter. 

How it comes the idea to create this group?

Even before moving back to Brest after many years in Paris, I had thought about creating a Let's Speak English Meet up Group. 

But I realised that such a group already existed here  (Brest International). 

Then,  when I came back from my Grand Canyon adventure this summer, it seemed obvious to create a Walk and Talk group as it combines things I really like doing: hiking, discovering places and chatting! 

That's a great idea!

It is this group open to people travelling in France and visiting the area about Brest?

This group is open to anyone interested in discovering places around Brest . 
Maybe in the future hikes in other places in Finistère will be planned too.

Can you tell me who are the other members?

This group is brandnew so I have invited friends who love hiking and who are also interested in brushing up their English.

That's great so anyone living around Brest or visiting there is welcomed to join in!

It is fantastic! Sometimes when you travel, you would like to share your walk with someone. 

Now we just have to post on your group Brest Walk and Talk !

And even if we live around Brest, we want to meet new people, have a walk, socialize... we can just join in!

One of the many wondeful beaches in Brittany, perfect for a Walk & Talk Day out  (Photo by Cathy Dolou).

Can you tell me some of the best walks you know around Brest?

The GR 34 is a fantastic path,in fact there are tonz of great walks to do here.One of my favourite is on the Tremazan 'route touristique' near Landunvez. I tend to have a preference for coastal hikes (Le Dellec, Le Minou near Brest), Ouessant,  Cléder, Logonna-Daoulas, Crozon....

Thanks a lot Cathy for sharing your idea! It sounds great!

The group has been founded only few days ago, but we will come back to you to know how it is going...

You can join the group clicking on this link here: Brest Walk and Talk 

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