Osaka - The videogames city in Japan - With BZH World Tours and globe trotter David Picard

Panorama of the modern city of Osaka
Back in Japan with David Picard. 

After visiting Tokyo, this time we are going to explore Osaka with David and he will tell us how are going his preparations for his world tour by bike he is going to start next year.

Located at the mouth of the Yodo River on Osaka Bay, Osaka is Japan's third largest city by population after Tokyo and Yokohama.

Historically the commercial center of Japan, Osaka is one of the command centers for the Japanese economy and used to be referred to as the "nation's kitchen" because it was the centre of trading for rice, creating the first modern futures exchange market in the world. 

Let's meet David and ask him to show us around!

Hi David! Thanks to be back with us! 

So last month you told us about Tokyo and  your eight months travel in Japan and you told us also about your project to travel around the world in 2014 with your bike only for 67760 Km! What an amazing challenge! (click here to read our July interview)

Today I am going to make you one question about your World Tour and one question about Osaka. OK?

So, last month you told us about your amazing itinerary around the world, your equipment and many other interesting things. We explored your website, it is very interesting! Can you tell us more about

BZH are the initials of the region of France where I live: Brittany (editor's note: The local word for the Brittany is "breizh" (pronounced "bray-tze"), often shortened to "bzh"). 

It is a very beautiful region of France, with many festivals where you are never bored living in.

And now let's speak about Osaka. What impressed you more of Osaka?

Osaka is a city not too different from Tokyo, although it is a bit smaller. 

I really like to explore the narrow streets where, behind little doors, are disguised great video games shops with a huge selections of game. For me that I like video games that was heaven!

Do you have sponsors for your world tour travel? Are you still looking for sponsorships?

Unfortunately I haven't yet enough sponsors. 

Many shops offered me a discount of the 10% of their prices to buy my equipment, which was good of them. I calculated a budget of around 15.000 Euros for my adventure, so I count a lot on donors and to the people who will be able to help me on  my way. 

Maybe the city of Vannes will give me some help, but I still looking for sponsorships at the moment...

One of the beautiful gardens where to rest and enjoy some quiet

There is something in particular you will advise to do / see in Osaka?

Osaka has great restaurants and wonderful video games shops.

If you love videogames Osaka is your place! You can find all the videogames you like there, known and unknown, it is great!

But you should also take some time to explore the mountains around and enjoy the nature and what the nature has to tell you, even just seating on a bench and admiring the panorama.

Which languages do you speak David? How you are planning to communicate with people of so many different countries and languages during your world tour?

I know it is funny and you may think I am mad but I only speak French and few words in English! 

I just use the language of all the languages: body signs! ...and it is a funny way to communicate! But I may take some English lessons too...

Aerial view of the city 

Japan is notoriously quite an expensive country to travel to. Where you stayed in Osaka? How is accommodation there?

Well, I didn't find Japan too expensive. I slept on a tent and sometimes I even got a quite comfortable room, this way I had enough money to buy food and other things I needed.

And finally, how you are managing accommodation during your 2014 world tour? Where you planned to sleep during your travel around the world ?

I will sleep in a tent again, some people will also give me hospitality in their houses along my way. 
I will avoid comfortable hotels and sometimes sleep in hostels too...

Thanks again David, good luck for your preparations and we look forward to see you again next month!
(This interview was made by email the 22nd July 2013)

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