Are you looking for the moon? Go to Teide National Park!

Roque Cinchado - It is emblematic of the island of Tenerife

We continue our travel in Spain, after having published about the Alhambra in Granada, we move to Tenerife for a completely different experience.

Although Tenerife is famous as a holidays destination for its beaches, the beautiful sea and the nightlife, we want you to discover a completely different side of the island.

The Teide National Park in Tenerife offers great trekking and wonderful panoramas on Tenerife and on the nearby Canary Islands of El Hierro and La Gomera and it is an unmissable daytrip if you are going to visit Tenerife.

The Teide National Park is famous for its unique and wonderful lunar landscape. 

The now inactive Teide Volcano, the highest mountain of Spain, at the center of the park, modelled the island. 

The bare land all around the volcano and the huge volcanic boulders make walking in the Teide National Park a wonderful experience.

Such a dramatic scenery has been featured in many films and recently in Clash of the Titans starring Sam Worthington.

Below some practical info and tips for visiting the park.

The lunar landscape of the park

The Volcano Teide and the bare valley below

Here some practical info you may find useful if you are planning to visit the Teide National Park.

I. You can easily visit the park all year but bear in mind that temperatures differ sensibly from the one you can experience at the beach. Bring clothes for cold weather and strong wind, water and sun cream.

II. you can easily find enough to walk and discover for at least two days in the park but one day can be enough to see the most.

III. There are public buses that connect the park with the coast, but we absolutely advise to rent a car or a motorbike for the day. Without your own transport you may be able to arrive near the top of Teide Volcano, but it will be difficult to enjoy most of the wonderful lunar scenery of the park.

IV. Anyway if you want to visit by bus you should know that bus number 348 goes to the park from Puerto de la Cruz, and bus number 342 from Playa de las Américas. 

The colours are amazing at Teide National Park

Amazing suset!

V. There is a cable car that affords spectacular views, although it does not take you right to the top, but you can walk the last stretch

VI. To get to the really top of the Teide you need a special permission, although you can see the most just walking along the Teide or taking the cable car

VII. Enjoy the sunset or the sunrise at the park is spectacular beyond words!

VIII. Read more practical info about visiting Spain on our site.

We hope you enjoy our photos!

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