Looking for relaxing walks and great panoramas? The Isle of Bute. A romantic destination in Scotland two hours away from Glasgow

The first sight of the Island of Bute, in Scotland is the town of Ramsay where the ferry from Wemyss Bay, 2 hrs away from Glasgow,  arrives. Ramsay offers a very nice walk along the sea front and it is a great base to explore the island.

Why the Scottish Islands are so famous?

The Scottish Isles are one of the most famous and scenic areas of the world.

The wonderful landscapes and the beauty of the sea make the Scottish Isles are so special.

Beautiful bays, amazing castles and many distilleries make the islands so special.

After the Shetland Isles and Arran, we are again in Scotland visiting the Island of Bute today.

Near to Arran, the Isle of Bute is easily reached from Glasgow and Glasgow Prestwick International Airport and it is a perfect destination for a weekend if you like trekking, cycling and great panoramas.

You can visit the Isle of Bute on a day trip from Glasgow or you can plan to stay in Bute 3 or 4 days and, during the summer, even a week.

What can I see in Bute?

Visit Ramsay, the main and only town is very nice and picturesque.

Ramsay's cottages line along the harbour and offer a wonderful walk in the evening.

The Isle of Bute is also wonderful for trekking or cycling.

The roads are nearly empty in the island making cycling quite enjoyable. 

In a day you can easy cycle all around its perimeter, although I advise to take your time to take in wonderful panoramas and enjoy some of the beautiful beaches.

Even if you don't have a lot of time in the island, you should absolutely don't miss Scalpsie Bay, where in summer you can easily spot seals busking in the sun.

The beautiful panorama you can enjoy from Bute towards the neighbour Island of Arran

What can I do in a rainy day in Bute?

This is a possibility that you should certainly consider when you are visiting Scotland.

Bute has a great alternative to offer you for a rainy day.

Visit the amazing Mount Stuart House.

It is one of the world's most impressive neo-Gothic mansions I have ever seen in my life.

Mount Stuart House is the amazing and maybe a little bit eccentric opera of the Third Marquess of Bute.

The Marquess  had a passion for art, astrology, mysticism and religion and the house reflects this in the architecture, furnishings and art collection. 

The big hall at the entrance is the most amazing room with the ceiling painted to represent the astrologic calendar. 

The House became famous when the daughter of The Beatles singer Paul McCartney married in the chapel of the palace, but it certainly deserves a visit for its own beauty and uniqueness.

If the weather is good, the park around the House offers beautiful walks through the wood and along the shores.

Certainly the most amazing mansion in Scotland: Mount Stuart

Where is a special place particularly inspiring in the Island of Bute?

Bute is a very inspiring island in itself, but if you are looking for something special, we suggest you to visit the ruins of St Blane's Chapel.

The ruins of this beautiful twelfth Century Chapel are scattered along the coast in an isolated and extremely panoramic area. 

Walk your way through the path, discover the Chapel and spend some time around, enjoying the quiet, the panorama and imagining how should have been to live here nearly a thousand year ago, when the chapel was active.

The ruins of St blane's Chapel

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