Where to stay in Buenos Aires

Arriving in Buenos Aires is relatively easy (Well...Relatively! Better you click here for some tips you may need...).

Where to stay in Buenos Aires is a much more difficult matter you would have to give more than one thought and better an advance.  

Hotels in Buenos Aires are expensive and a room would cost you at least the double than everywhere else in Argentina for the same standards.

Before to visit the city I thought hostels in B.A. would have been a bit dodgy and so I decided to book an advance a room in a B&B, but I think it wasn't the best decision. B&Bs are not good if you arrive from the airport at night or you are leaving early in the morning to take your flight, most B&Bs are family run and the owner can't really be bothered coping with your exotic needs and times. Top of that the breakfast is rarely so exciting, being usually not much more than bread and butter. Dulche de leche pastries are much tastier if bought fresh at the corner shop for few pesos.

Some hostels are amazingly clean, quiet and well managed and you can easily book through their websites, you will enjoy good company and a warm welcome. 

Be careful about where your accommodation is located when you choose it.
I picked a B&B just next to Plaza de Mayo and the famous Casa Rosada. It's very central and you can stroll to Puerto Madero at night for some fresh air and a good dinner or to the main (tacky) shopping avenue Avenida Florida, but at night the area is much too quiet and I was attacked by some idiots.

I suppose there isn't an area I particularly advise as idiots seems to be in nice residential areas too and seems to target tourists, maybe some streets in Palermo or La Recoleta look O.K. but everywhere is very mixed in Buenos Aires.

Best thing is to get back home at night by taxi, during the daylight you are much safer apart maybe in La Boca, away from the touristy streets and in much more peripheral areas you would be considered demented if you step in.

OK, I know you want to get the hell out of Buenos Aires and be in Patagonia in this very moment, click here and we start our travel...

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