Menhir, ghosts, mysteries and great countryside... where? In Brittany!

The tourist always and rightly loves to linger along Brittany's Coast, St Malo in the first place.

Inland it is probably Dinan the town more popular for visitors.

The roads and the railway system in Brittany and the famous long trekking path Grande Randonnée 34 encourage the vistor to remain along the sea.

It is certainly true that the area along the coast is very interesting, but, this said, the countryside has a lot to offer too.

Thanks to the help and support of Blandine and Olivier from Laurenan, we discovered the area around Laurenan where, away from the traffic and the touristy crowd, little wonderful jewels are hidden.

Not many signs along the road are provided to discover this relics of the rich and fairy past of Brittany, but your patient search will certainly be well rewarded.

Let's start with the amazing Menhir de la Pellionaie.

Amazing not only for his size, but for the beautiful landscape that encircle the menhir.

Away from the beaten track the Menhir de la Pellionaie is hidden near the little village of Laurenan, but it is not easy to discover.

If the menhir de la Pellionaie is charming and certainly atmospheric, you can not say less after having visited Le Tertre de Feuillet.

These three crosses, hidden in the countryside, can easily evoke creepy feelings and mysterious legends.

It is said that a ghost dressed in black appear at full moon and that a local man who dared to confront the ghost was killed by him some years ago.

We can't say if there is some true behind the story, but we can confirm the existence of a mysterious aura around this three crosses, marked as: the father, the son and the holy spirit. 

Not enough mysteries around Laurenan?

Well there are more mysteries to be discovered!

Visit for example the house of the Clos Folette.

Doesn't this stone really look human?

Around Laurenan not everything is ghostly.

And there are many interesting things to discover!

Admire this beautiful oven to make the bread in the traditional way.

Or just enjoy the panoramas of the beautiful countryside.

This post would has been made thanks to the passion and knowledge of the area around Laurenan of Blandine Le Cloirec from Laurenan who loves to walk barefeet in the wood and it is able to appreciate the beauty of the nature and the energy of the old menhirs in Brittany and make a great roasted Camembert with honey.

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