What's to see in St Brieuc?

Often shaded by the famous towns of St Malo, Dinard and Dinan, Saint Brieuc is overlooked when visiting  Brittany.

It is a mistake.

St Brieuc is certainly worth a visit.

St Brieuc possess many Medieval buildings in wood similar to the ones you can visit in Dinan.

St Brieuc is less touristy than the nearby Cote du Penthievre but, exactly for this reason, it mantains the charme of a French small town of Brittany.

You can start visiting St Brieuc's farmers market in the large square in front of the Post Office and the Council Hall.

Then you should definetely visit the Medioeval Cathedral.

Inside the cathedral is imposing and visiting it you easily feel back in Middle Age.

The Cathedral is one of the best preserved fortress-church in Brittany and this is still evident if you observe attentively the imposing walls outside and inside the building. 

But St Brieuc has also a different side to visit.

St Brieuc like Dinan has also a river port.

Yachts are moured along the river. 

In summer along the river bars and restaurants offer music and entertainment.

The sea is very near to St Brieuc and you can walk there from the town, following the river.

When the tide is out the beach is wonderful, long like a desert, it is imposing.

St Brieuc is only an hour away from St Malo and Dinan and it is certainly worth a visit.

This post would have not be possible without the great help and support of Adelaide Herbes, indipendent girl originally from Strasbourg and now living in St Brieuc and finally admiring the sea from her window with her naughty cat Miou and a little family of mouses. 

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