Why you haven't planned to stop in Phetchaburi?

After having visited the archaeological towns of Ayutthaya and Sukhothai, visited the island of Kho Tao and discovered Phang Nga Bay the beautiful town of Phetchaburi offers a rest and some breathtaking monuments away from the noise and the crowd. Click here for more destinations in Thailand.

Why Phetchaburi is so special and unique in Thailand?

Phetchaburi is a less known town in Thailand, but we think it is special.

Phetchaburi is special because, away from the tourist crowd, offer the visitor the chance to experience the life of a religious Thai town.

If you are planning your travel in Thailand, you have certainly planned to visit either Ayutthaya or Sukhothai, although we advise to visit both archaeological sites.

Probably you haven't planned to visit Phetchaburi, but we think you should allow time for this city.

Even under a sun that would certainly take its toll for the rest of your travel, you should climb the cobbled streets of the hills situated in the heart of Phetchaburi where the old temples are situated.

After having visited the archaeological site of Ayutthaya it is easy to understand why Lonely Planet (rightly) called Phetchaburi “the living Ayutthaya”.

The old citadel here is not in ruins and the temples are perfectly kept and are still in use today.

Some of them possess also a strong Khmer influence, exacvtly like the ones in Ayutthaya.

The great attraction of Phetchaburi is walking through beautiful gardens away from the traffic and the ugly modern houses.

You can really experience the life of an old religious town exactly the same life Ayutthaya or Sukhothai experienced centuries ago.

The three temples situated at the top of the hill offer beautiful views of the valley around.

Here some photos of Phetchaburi and below some practical tips for your visit in Phetchaburi.

The top of the citadel, surrounded by a little wood, is one of the most famous sights of Phetchaburi.

Looking from one temple to the others is the best way to enjoy the old citadel.

The temples in the old ciotadel are well preserved and can be visited.

The Khmer designed temple towers on the top of the old citadel.

Flowers and plants exhalt the beauty of the temples of the old citadel.

At Phra Nakhon Kiri Fair, around the middle of April, fireworks make even more special the old citadel. 
During Phra Nakhon Kiri Fair a competition of gypsum sculptures make the visit of the town even more interesting.

During Phra Nakhon Kiri Fair around the middle of April the old citadel is lighted all night making a breathtaking view.

Five practical tips for your visit to Phetchaburi:

 How long should I plan to stay in Phetchaburi?
  1. Plan to stay in Phetchaburi area for at least two full days. You will use one day to visit the old town and the other day to visit at least one of the many beautiful sites outside the town (more posts will folow about them). 

    When is the best time to visit Phetchaburi ?

  2. If you can try to visit Phetchaburi during Phra Nakhon Kiri Fair around the middle of April.
    For a weekend at night the old citadel will be decorated with thousands of lights and around the hill a huge market will make this usually sleepy town interesting and lively. And finally you will enjoy the fireworks at night.

    Where should I stay in Phetchaburi?

  3. Base yourself at the feet of the old citadel, don't get accommodation away from it. You will loose money and time moving by public transport to get to the famous sites.
  4. Avoid the hottest time to visit the citadel, little shade is provided. Visit in the morning or at sunset, but careful at closing time.
Bear in mind Phetchaburi is not a touristy city. There is no much accommodation in the town, particularly if you are visiting during Phra Nakhon Kiri Fair.
Book an advance or be ready to accept whatever kind of accommodation left available.

What should I visit after Phetchaburi?

If you haven't yet visited the old famous Thai temples consider heading to visit either Ayutthaya or Sukhothai, if you are looking for some relax and beautiful beaches head to Kho Tao. If you want to discover some especially Thai landscape plan to visit Phang Nga Bay.

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