What's to see in Brest? #3 The travelling heritage.

Brest as we already seen in our two published posts (What's to see in Brest? #1 - The harbour – What's to see in Brest? #2 - The city centeris not the most traditional town in French and maybe not even the prettiest, but we believe is a city for travellers.


Because Brest possesses a tradition of travels and discovers that it is very present in its daily life.

The proximity to the sea and the large harbour made of Brest an important commercial port in the last centuries and a place where different cultures and nationalities easily met.

The history and the name of the main street of the town, Rue de Siam, is already an important witness of the rich international heritage of the town.

The large harbour always has guaranteed strong and frequent contacts and connections with other countries in Europe and in the world and made of Brest an important city for the great sea expeditions and discoveries.

The famous expeditions of the French explorer La Perouse to Alaska, California, South Pacific, Japan and Russia are certainly another important witness of the heritage of this French town.

Two places in Brest are relevant witnesses of the travel tradition of the town and of its scientific interest for different forms of life on Earth.

One is Le Jardin de les explorateurs, The Garden of the explorers, a small park situated not far from the Tanguy Tower and overlooking Brest Harbour.

The park is a rich collection of plants and flowers from different parts of the world and it is an important acknowledgement to the great achievement of the French explorers.

The other place that certainly shows an important link between the town and the sea is certainly Oceanopolis.

Although a much more modern addition to the city heritage, Oceanopolis is certainly a must see if visiting Brest.

Situated along the coast and out of the city Oceanopolis is a wonderful scientific aquarium with different pavilions, including the Polar pavilion, the Tropical pavilion and a pavilion dedicated to the local habitat in Brittany and the surrounding area.

Here you can enjoy a visit and a look to penguins, sharks, seals, tropical fishes and many more species populating the sea in different areas of the world.

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A special thanks goes to Cathy Dolou from Brest for her help in making this post!

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