Want to visit a traditional fishermen village in Brittany?

 Where is this wonderful village that looks coming out from a fairytale?

This beautiful village is situated in the magic land of Brittany, in North of France.

Brittany has a strong tradition and culture related to the celtic heritage and it is one of the more scenic and unspoiled region in Brittany..

Brittany is a magic land, where menhirs, castles and beautiful towns mix in a unique and inspiring way.

Brittany is rich of history and tradition.

The old fishermen of Meneham, not far from Kerlouan beautifully preserves the history and the tradition of Finistére.

The little fishermen village has been completely restored and it hosts today a little museum of the rural life of Brittany.

But it is the location that make this village so special.

The fishermen village of Menehan is situated in front of a large sandy beach pointed by huge stone boulders.

What is to see in the fishermen village of Menehan?

Along the beach an old fishermen village is perfectly preserved.

The fishermen cottages are protected by huge boulders.

The boulders has been modelled by the centuries.

Wind, waves, sun and ice have shaped these boulders in a unique and marvellous way.

Protected by this unreal landscape, you can visit the local museum of the village of Menehan situated in one of the old cottages.

The museum exhibits interesting relics of the time when the fishermen were living in this area, including some furniture of the time and some interesting explicative videos of the life in Menehan.

Where is the village of Menehan and how you can get there?

To visit the village of Menehan you definetely need to have a car.

The village of Menehan is situated near the village of Kerlouan (follow directions for Kerlouan), in the North of Brittany West of Plouescat and Saint-Pol-de-Leon.

You can also get to village of Menehan walking along the path Grande Randonnée 34, the famous long path running along the coast of Brittany in North of France.

The village of Menehan is free to visit and you can plan to visit in the same day also the village of Plouescat nearby.

How to get to Menehan? Menehan is situated Nord of Kerlouan along the coast. Kerlouan is in Brittany, in the area of Finistère, not far from Plouescat, Roscoff and St Pol de Leon.

This post has been made thanks to Françoise and Hervé Caroff from Plouescat. Thank you for letting us discover this beautiful fishermen village in Brittany (and for let us discover the cockles too...).

We hope you enjoy these photos and you find them inspiring as we found them.

Where else I can go after visiting Menehan?

We recommend visiting:

The beautiful village of Plouescat

The Cathedral of Saint Pol de Leon

The picturesque village of Roscoff

Discover La Peche a Pied 


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