Carnac and the amazing heritage of Brittany

Where are menhirs and dolmens in France?

In this blog we have already published many posts about menhirs, dolmens and other jewels of the historic heritage of Brittany.

We have discovered beautiful menhirs in the area around Plouescat, on the coast, and the area of Loudeac, inland, but Carnac remains the most famous place in Brittany for the standing stones.

Menhirs are associated with the Beaker people, who inhabited Europe during the European late Neolithic and early Bronze Age —later third millennium BC. Recent research suggests a far older origin, perhaps back to six to seven thousand years ago.

Why Carnac is so famous?

The Carnac stones are an exceptionally dense collection of megalithic sites.

Carnac is situated around 15km away from the beautiful town of Auray in the region of Morbihan.

You can walk along the wonderful site of Carnac for more than 2 km, to admire the stones perfectly aligned along large fields.

No one was able to give a definite and convincing explanation of this lines of stones but it is certainly through that they are absolutely amazing.

What makes Carnac Stones so amazing is the way the stones are perfectly aligned and the lenght of each row of stones.

Note the absolute perfection of the alignment

Again the stones aligned. it is very difficult to represent all this in photos because of the impressive dimensions of the site, best photos are certainly taken from the sky.

Why Les Geants de Kerzero is so interesting?

We don't want you just to visit this wonderful site in Carnac.

We want you to discover also the neighbour site of Les Geants de Kerzero.

It is not as well known as the lines of Carnac, but we definetely advise you to visit.

Here the stones are less in number but they are much bigger and we found them as much impressive.

You can almost feel the energy originating from these stones and differently from Carnac here you can walk next to the stones, around them and even touch them, we think it is a wonderful experience!

This post would have not made be possible without the help of Anne Le Galles from Auray.

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