An act of love and an act of power (Visiting Nantes #2 - The Cathedral)

The Cathedral of Nantes is with the castle one of the oldest monuments in the town.

What is to see in Nantes?

Nantes is certainly one of the most beautiful towns in France.

Situated along the Loire river, Nantes during the history had a very important role and it still possess today wonderful and historic buildings to visit and admire, like Nantes Castle and Nantes Cathedral.

But Nantes is also a very lively town rich of bars, restaurants, shops and beautiful squares where french people enjoy their daily life and some relax in one of the many outdoor cafes.

Finally Nantes has a modern and adventurous site related to Jules Vernes, today the Machines de l'Ile witness this modern side of Nantes.

For this reason we published four posts about Nantes (scroll down on this page to find the links), in this post we explore the beautiful Cathedral with the famous tomb of the parents of the duchess Ann, Duke François II and his wife.

Why Nantes Cathedral is so famous?

Visiting the Cathedral of Nantes you will remain at first impressed by the beautiful architecture of the church, its tall columns and the white walls giving light to the building.

In a corner, it is situated a monumental tomb, beautiful and eerie at the same time.

It is dedicates to the parents of the duchess Ann, Duke François II and his wife.

The tomb has been build by order and under supervision of their daughter Ann after she remained window and wanted to finally give a decent burying to their parents.

The life of Duchess Ann is famous and interesting and certainly the fact that is father Duke François II, after being defeated in battle, had to accept to see his daughter become wife of the King of France Charles VIII, played an important role in Duchess Ann's life.

This monumental tomb has to be seen as act of love by Duchess Ann towards the memory of her parents, but also as an act of power, reasserting her authority after the death of her first husband Charles VIII.

As you see in one of the photos below something eerie is still today characterizing the tomb of Duke François II and his wife and it adds a new chapter to the amazing figure of Duchess Ann that we discover during our tour in the Loire Valley.

Duchess Ann supervised the design and the making of its parents tomb, giving finally a deserved burying after their bodies had been neglected till the dead of Charles VIII.

One of the fort virtues protecting the tomb at the four corners of the monument.

Another of the for virtues... but look at her back and from her long hairs... eerie and ugly face of an old man appears...

The symbol of Brittany with the ermelins, now part of the black and white striped flag of Brittany.

Can you tell me some important facts about Nantes Cathedral?

Nantes Cathedral is a Gothic Roman Catholic cathedral in the city of Nantes, Pays de la Loire, France.

The construction of the cathedral began in 1434, on the site of an older cathedral, and took 457 years to finish, finally reaching completion in 1891.

As you can see visiting the Cathedral the white, tall and bare columns inside the building, make the Cathedral extremely impressive for the visitor.

If you visit the Cathedral in conjunction with Nantes Castle you can have a strong feeling of how Nantes should have looked some centuries ago.

The Cathedral is free to visit.

Below photographs of the beautiful Catherdal of Nantes where the tomb of François II and his wife Marguerite De Foix, parents of the Duchess Ann of Brittany, is situated.

The façade of La Cathedrale  

The beautiful stain windows of Nantes Cathedral 

This post has been made thanks to Nina Latouille from Nantes. 

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Can you tell me about what to see in 

Nantes other than the Cathedral?

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