What to see in Brest? #1- The harbour

Brest is sometimes overlooked when travelling in Brittany.

If you are say to locals you are going to visit Brest when in Brittany, some people would ask you: why to go to Brest? Just a modern city, not much to see there...


Completely wrong!

Brest is a very interesting city to visit!

It is true that certainly isn't a traditional Brittany's town.

Most of the city has been destroyed during the II World War and the city was quickly rebuilt after, loosing its old charm, but today Brest is an interesting mix of modern and old and it is attractive in its unique style and design.

Thanks to Cathy Dolou, founder of the Walk and Talk Brest Group organizing walks for local and foreign travellers wanting to trek along the long way Grande Randonnée 34 in the area around Brest, we discovered this interesting city.

Starting for what remains of the historical Brest is the old castle, now hosting the Naval Museum.

At the other side of the harbour is the Tanguy Tower (Tour Tanguy) the most interesting and imposing monuments of the town.

Today the Tanguy Tower hosts an interesting exhibition about the history of Brest. 

The entrance  is free and is certainly worth a look.

But what we love more is actually the contrast between old and modern. 

Just in front of the castle and the tower le Pont du Recouvrance crosses the river La Penfeld offering great views along the large harbour.

And it is from the harbour that the main street of Brest starts climbing on the hill in front.

The street has a wonderful and exotic name, reminiscent of the history of the town.

The street is named Rue de Siam. Click here to continue...

A special thanks goes to Cathy Dolou from Brest for her help in making this part post!

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