Gwened, the old capital of the Kingdom of Brittany.

The Duke of Normandy, Richmond, welcomes the visitors in front of the Council Hall.
Vannes is a beautiful medieval city along the road between Brest and Nantes.
It is certainly worth a visit and you can easily visit it in one day.

What is Gwened?

The capital of the Kingdom of Brittany is Gwened in Breton language, today known as Vannes in French.

Here the Bretons King Waroch II founded the Bro Waroch.

Also known as Broërec (also Bro Erec or Bro Ereg, or even Broerech), Bro Waroch was one of the kingdoms that emerged in the Armorican region after the region was occupied by the Roman Empire.

Broerec was eventually merged into other Breton regna providing some of the land that evolved later into the Duchy of Brittany in the 10th century. 

Vannes still possesses today most of the monuments and building of its medieval golden age.

The old "ramparts", the medieval walls, along the waters of the Gulf of Morbihan are certainly the most splendid and majestic sight of the town.

What is to see in Vannes / Gwened ?

We absolutely recommend to start your visit from the walls, near to the Castle de l'Hermine, in front of the street Rue Alexandre Le Pontois, enjoying the sights below and relaxing in the beautiful gardens in front of the walls.

The old medieval walls represent the best sight of Vannes.
Take your time to walk around them, stop to have some rest in the beautiful gardens and enjoy the view of the beautiful buildings appearing over the walls.
We hope you find the photos below inspiring for your trip in Vannes.

What else is to see in Vannes apart from the Castle?

Apart the castle, Vannes has more to offer. Walking in the old town you can admire the typical medieval building, but it is certainly the Cathedral the building more imposing in the town.

The Saint Pierre (Saint Peter) Cathedral is certainly worth a visit.

From the gardens in front of the street Rue Alexandre Le Pontois, walk along the walls keeping them at your right. After 200 meters you will arrive in the large place and you will notice the imposing St Vincent Town Gate, enter in the medieval town and keep walking straight in front of you, soon you will see the spires of teh cathedral appearing on a distance.

Do not miss to visit the Cathedral and allow some hours to visit the beautiful medieval town.

You can easily visit Vannes in one day.

The Saint Peter Cathedral is very interesting also because is surrounded by beautiful and well kept wood houses from the medieval time, making an interesting frame for the tall religious building.
Below the photos of the façade and the interior of the cathedral.

There is somewhere worth going just outside the city?

Complete your visit with a stroll around Vannes Marina, where the tourist office is situated.

From there you can walk along the marina for around 2 hrs and get to the island of Conleau, connected to the continent by an old dam. There you can enjoy some rest on the beach or take the boat to Isle of Arz.

From the Saint Vincent Gate the long marina leads to the Isle of Conleau.
Take your time towalk along the marina and enjoy the view of the beautiful buildings around.  

Where else I can go after having visited Vannes?

If you are looking something to visit around Vannes, in case you have more than one day to spend there, absolutely visit the pretty river town of Auray.

You can get to Auray in around one hour by train. Trains are frequent but expensive.

Where I can find more info for travelling in France?

If you are looking for more destinations in France or you are planning a travel there, read more posts on our pageVisit France.
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