What's to see in Brest? #2 - The city center

What is to see in Brest city center?

Brest city center is crossed by the main shopping street: Rue de Siam.

The street is named in honour and memory of a delegation from Siam (now Thailand) who arrived in Brest sent by the King of Siam in the year 1686 to meet King Louis XIV.

You can imagine how amazing should have been for the people of Brest to see a delegation from such an exotic country in their traditional clothes crossing the streets of Brest.

The street is today a good mix of old and modern, with the new electric tramway crossing the street and the fashion shops at the sides

The photos are taken during the Foire de St Michael a local fair of antiquities and brick a brack held annualy at the end of September.

1 - The War Memorial in front of the Council Hall 
at the top of Rue de Siam

2-The Modern fountains decorating  
Rue de Siam

3 - The Eglise Saint Louis in Brest

4 - The interesting local bookstore "Dialogues" in Rue de Siam, one of the most important independent bookstores in France

Inside the Dialogues Bookstore in Rue de Siam

5 - The imposing  St Louis Church

The design of St Luis Church

6 - The end of Rue de Siam near the harbour.

A special thanks goes to Cathy Dolou from Brest for her help in making this post!

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