Visit China (Our amazing travel through China, one of the most amazing country of the world!)

Welcome to my page about China!

China is an amazing country and it is one of the new countries to discover.

Every year more and more tourists travel to China to discover a fantastic and not yet famous country, so rich in art and in history.

I will publish a travel diary, thanks also to the help and support of many other travelers and to some Chinese friends. Chinese people are amazing, they are friendly and eager to meet travelers from all over the world, but more than everything: they are great travelers themselves!

Many young Chinese are literally amazing adventurous and eager to travel, I met many young people that at the age of fourteen have left their home town to travel widely in China, moving from town to town, taking simple temporary work, just to finance their travel.

Chinese people are mainly confined in their own country, as it is very difficult for them to travel abroad, but they are extremely open and interested to meet travelers from all over the world. 

China is not just Beijing and Shanghai. Although Beijing and Shanghai are wonderful cities and they are certainly worth a visit, China has much more to offer.

We will visit beautiful towns like Suzhou, the famous Venice of China, and absolutely breathtaking Chinese landscapes like the one of the lake town Hangzou.

Incredible buildings like the House of the Master of the Net or the Summer Palace in Beijing will leave without breath.

Shanghai has much more to offer than the famous skyscrapers along the river, Beijing has wonderful corners and not just the Forbidden City.

My opinion, at the end of my travel, is that the famous Great Wall, although obviously amazing is certainly not the most amazing feature in China.

Great, modern and rich museums offer a wonderful heritage of China to be admired.  

Read more about our project and browse the list of the destinations in China already published on my page:  

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