In the heart of the Charente-Maritime: discover the roman town of Saintes

Why to visit Saintes?

Arriving in Saintes you immediately realize you are in one of the richest Roman towns in France (or saw it was at the time of the Roman Empire).

Situated in the heart of the region of the Charente-Maritime, Saintes is a very popular destination in the region, famous for its Roman heritage.

Although the most famous monument in Saintes is the Roman Amphitheater, the Roman heritage of Saintes is extremely rich and there is much more to see apart the Amphitheater.

Walking along the Charentes, the river that divides in two Saintes, you will immediately see a rich Roman heritage making the city extremely interesting and unique.

What is the Roman Heritage of Saintes?

Saintes is a wonderful Roman city and one of the best kept in France.

The Amphitheater is certainly the most famous Roman monument in Saintes.

But the Triumph Arc is certainly amazing and so is the large collection of statues and other Roman relics situated just along the River Charentes in the town Center, near the Tourist Office.

You can ask at the Tourist Office for a free map of the town, there an interesting itinerary is suggested, follow the itinerary and you will be able to discover Roman Saintes at its best.

Is anything else to see in Saintes apart for the Roman Heritage?

Although Saintes is mostly famous for its Roman heritage, Saintes has a beautiful town center, with some interesting building like the town church, the council hall or you can just stroll around the main street or relax walking along the river Charentes.

There is more I can read about Saintes?

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