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Friday, December 13, 2013

What is to see in Tours? - Exploring the most beautiful towns in France - Tours #3

Why to visit Tours?

Tours is a beautiful town situated in the heart of the River Loire Valley and it is a perfect base to visit the most beautiful Chateaux de la Loire.

The great thing about Tours is that the town offers so many different things to do.

Below you can find a list of the top ten attractions 

What can I do in Tours?

You can visit the medieval town, with the cobbled streets and the many restaurants and pubs outside.

You can visit the beautiful and famous Cathedral of Tours: click here to read more about Tours Cathedral.

You can visit the beautiful church dedicated to St Martin of Tours: click here to read more about the Church of St Martin of Tours in Tours.

You can visit the beautiful Musée de Beaux Arts.

You can walk along the River Loire, admiring the beautiful panorama.

You can visit one of the many castles situated along the River Loire Valley: like for example the Chateau de Chinon: click here to read about the Chinon Castle.

You can visit one of the most amazing dolmen in France, situated just in the outside of Tours.

This post has been made thanks to the help and support of Caroline Lemerle et Anne-Claire and Ludo Chêne-Geffroy!

What else should I visit in France?

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