Bordeaux - Wonderful towns in Europe #3 - Statues in Bordeaux.

When you visit a beautiful town like Bordeaux, there are many thing that attract your attention.

One, maybe a bit unusual, way to see Bordeaux is to admire the rich collection of statues that Bordeaux possess.

Below you can enjoy a photographic collection of the many statues you can see in Bordeaux.

What I find particularly interesting is the mix of styles that these statues represent.

In a way this mix of statues represent the unique mix of styles that the beautiful city of Bordeaux possess.

But in a way this collection summarize also the history of Bordeaux, so unique, so rich and so amazingly variegated.

1. The maire.

This is the statue of  Jacques Chabut Delmas.

I find this statue amazing for at least three reason:

- the place: situated just in front of the Cathedral, it seems to deliberately contrast the power and the strength the impressive architecture of the Cathedral has.

- the colour: why black? it is an amazing contrast between the yellow stones of the Cathedral and of the other building surrounding the statue and the dark, black stone of the statue itself. It is like Jacques Chabut Delmas is the actor, is alive, is the center of the attention, while the cathedral and the beautiful palace surrounding are just a wonderful golden frame.

- the walk: all the possible energy of this active Maire of Bordeaux is in his walk, Delmas can not look more energetic than that.

2. The face. What is this beautiful face with the eyes closed?

I quite like the subject of the statue, but more than everything I like the trompe l'oeil that the statue make for the visitor.

The face is not circular as it seems from a distance.

the sculpture is extremely flat and it is only a game prospective that make this beautiful lace appear round.

There is something particular special when yo visit a town you haven't been before and you see something not just interesting, but rare, memorable. this is the effect that this statue made to me.

it is like  if someone has left for the visitor a gift. I think this statue is a gift, so perfectly in touch with the beautiful palaces surrounding it.

3. Eleanor of Aquitaine.

If you are looking for your beautiful sculptures definitely head for the Museum d' Aquitaine, situated in Bordeaux, in the city centre.

It is a great collection of really great masterpieces, it is free and it will give you a wonderful insight in the story of Bordeaux and the region where Bordeaux is situated: the Aquitaine.

One statue sculpture in particularly I find amazing: the reproduction of the sarcophagus of Eleanor of Aquitaine.

It so wonderfully modern in its medieval design, I find her face so enigmatic and sublime to class this sculptures in the list of the most amazing that I saw in my life.

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A huge thanks goes to Anne Sophie Cordier from Bordeaux, a real Bordeaux citizen proud and passionate about her town!


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