Great sites supporting

I just want to thank and dedicate a post to some great sites that like our website so much to share a link on their site.

(The sites are shown in alphabetic order, if I have forgot someone, please contact me at and I will add it to the list):

Here our supporting sites:

  • (the) Beach Guide - An interesting site about the U.K. and Channel Island Coast - Mainly you can find a video of some photos about every location along the coast.

  • (the) Beijing Family - A hilarious and entertaining book series about a humble Chinese billionaire and his family living in Beverly Hills. This blog is about the book series and anything, everything related.

  • MarcoMC - "A  collection of links, pages and posts about traveling  and experiments focusing on minimalistic traveling, clean power sourcing, diving and everything else that that I find useful and inspirational for my travels".

  • Place OK - A wonderful site about travels with a special focus on South America, definetely one of the best blogs.

If you have a site and you can mention my blog it will be fantastic, if you don't have a site it will be great you can follow us in one of these ways: