The Cathedral of Exeter - Why the Cathedral of Exeter is so famous?

Why the Cathedral of Exeter is so famous?

The answer is astonishingly simple: because is amazingly beautiful and unique.

Here a list of things you have absolutely not to miss if you are visiting the Cathedral of Exeter in Devon, England.

1. Start from the green of the church. Do you see the beautiful flowers and the green grass surrounding the church where you probably sat?

Thousand and thousands of bones were buried there, so many that the ground raised so much that wasn't possible to access the cathedral from the main door.

2. Admire the beautiful statues decorating the facade and the strong towers at the side. 

The towers represent the oldest part of the Cathedral.

3. Enter in the Cathedral and lift your head and remain breathless in front of the beautiful geometry of the vaults.

In Exeter Cathedral you can admire the longest continuous medieval vaults of the world and certainly the most amazing, particularly if you visit the church in a sunny day when the sunlight would exalt even more the beauty of this ceiling.

4. Look for the thousand faces hidden everywhere in the church and watching at you from every corner.

We dedicated a post to these faces: read the dedicated post to know more.

5. Keep your head up and admire the minstrels singing.

This is a great masterpiece. The music of the organ is conducted through the air pipes to the minstrels wooden piece at the left side of the nave.

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