Palazzo Vecchio before the Storm, Florence, Italy

What are these photos and when these photos have been taken?

Florence is one of the most famous cities of Tuscany, of Italy and maybe of the entire world.

Writing about Florence is a very difficult task. So much has been written about this city that everything appears superflous apart maybe saying: if you are planning a travel in Italy don't miss Florence!

I am not going on with the story of Florence: Leonardo Da Vinci, Botticelli, Lorenzo il Magnifico, Dante, Machiavelli and so on... But I just give you some practical advise if you are planning to visit Florence.

I portraited this capital of art when the air was still and the sky was grey and a big storm was near to come. In that moment the Arno river, the cathedral and the famous statues of Florence were full of energy, they were back somewhere in history, they had a special light. Hope you enjoy the photos.

Read below for more info and useful tips for visiting Florence.

Cathedral - The building literally lead you there - Florence, Tuscany

I. When is the best time to visit Florence?

You can visit Florence in every season of the year and you will find it very interesting! But consider that in winter can be very cold and rainy and in summer very very hot!

II. What is the best way to get to Florence?

Florence has an international airport. But flights to Florence are usually quite expensive. Consider flying to Pisa where many low costs companies flights to, including Ryanair and Easyjet. Pisa Airport is well connected to Florence by bus or train.

III. What you should remember doing before to travel to Florence?

If you are planning to visit the famous Museo degli Uffizi (Uffizi Museum) book your ticket well and advance through the website of the museum. We absolutely recommend to visit the Museum.

Ponte Vecchio - The Old Bridge on the river Arno - Florence, Tuscany

IV. Is Florence safe?

Although reasonably safe if compared with other cities in Italy, Florence is not so safe at night, consider taking a taxi to move around after 9 pm.

V. What's the best accommodation in Florence?

Accommodation in Florence can be expensive. Consider staying just outside Florence and travel in the city for the day. (We want to publish soon a list of accommodation reliable but not to expensive in Florece an the surrounding area)

VI. What I can see for free in Florence?

Seeing Florence from the top of Giotto Tower is a great experience! But if you want to save time and money consider as an alternative to admire Florence from Piazzale Michelangelo. It is free and it is absolutely amazing!

VII. How many days I need to visit Florence?

You can easily find that a week is not enough to visit Florence. Four nights are enough to see the main sights. Please don't plan to visit Florence in just one day!!!

The Cathedral - Before the Storm

VIII.  What is the unforgettable experience to ansolutely not miss in Florence?

Want a great dinner with a truly great panorama? Dine at Hotel Baglioni or just have an aperitive there, it will be unforgettable and you will enjoy fantastic views! (although it is quite expensive unfortunately!)

IX. Do you want a simple suggestion?

Take time to admire Florence monuments at different times of the day. The Arno river, the Cathedral, Ponte Vecchio look completely different in the morning, in the evening and at night!

X. What else should I visit near Florence?

Florence is a wonderful base for great day trips: Pisa, Siena, Lucca, Cinque Terre, Fiesole...
For the moment we published about the amazing Cinque Terre and the picturesque fishermen village of Porto Venere, Siena and Pisa but soon we will publish more.

The Baptistery Florence - Note the lines! - Florence, Tuscany
Michelangelo's David, Palazzo Vecchio on the background, Florence - Tuscany

What else should you visit in Italy?