9 Things you should know before to visit the Iguazu Falls!

The Iguazu Falls on the Argentinian side are fantastic and they have a wonderful history, but before you go there you should read this post so that you can plan your visit.

I. Save at least two days in your itinerary to visit the Iguazu Falls on the Argentianian Side

II. The ticket to enter The Iguazu National Park and visit the falls on the Argentian side is for one day only, but you can ask to have it stamped at the end of your visit so you can buy a new ticket for the following day at a reduced price (carry with you the passport as it is requested to renew the ticket).

III. Bring with you some food and lot of water (inside the Park are quite expensive) and waterproofed clothes.

The amazing Salto San Martin on the Argentinian Side of the Iguazu Falls
IV. Wake up early and arrive as early as possible at the Park. After 11 am the park will be very busy and you will have to wait a long time to take the little elettric train that connects the different paths.

V. Head immediatly for the Isla San Martin when you arrive at the park. From the Isla you will enjoy spectacular views, but it is open only for few hours a day.

VII. If you intend to visit both sides of the falls plan to stay for the night on the Argentinian side and cross the Brasilian border just for a day trip (read more here...)

VIII. Add an extra day in your itinerary and visit the Unesco Heritage site of San Ignacio de Mini where the famous movie "The Mission" starring R. De Niro and J.Irons was set. It is a wonderful place!

IX. Book an advance a night walk at the Falls, an unforgettable experience!

Read more about the Argentinian Side of the Iguazu Falls, watch the video of the Falls, read also about the Brasilian Side.

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