Salto de San Martin, Iguazu Falls
The Argentinian side of the Iguazu Falls. 

Everyone loves it because of the scenic walk at the top of the Garganta del Diablo, the Devil's Throat. I like the walk, but I don't think the Garganta del Diablo represents the best that the waterfalls have to offer.

I think the “Paseo Inferior” offers the best views. 

Only walking to the bottom of the falls you can fully appreciate their size and their majesty.
The view towards the Salto San Martin, in front of the Isla San Martin, is amazing! 

The scenery there is totally unspoiled and it is a very, very romantic sight, particularly if you have the chance to visit the falls at night, under the magic light of the moon!

The lush subtropical vegetation, the wonderful flowers and the colourful butterflies make a fantastic frame for the Iguazu waterfalls.

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The falls give a strong feeling of freedom and there you can feel you are in the wild forest. 

Visiting the waterfalls, you feel you are going back to a kind of prehistoric era, when the humans weren't yet settled and the nature was fully unspoiled, the only ruler of the entire planet. 

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All the power of the falls!

It is an amazing sight!

Frequently because of the high level of humidity the rainbow appears above the Falls: just wonderful!

Different sections of the path in the National Park offer completely different views of the Falls.

At the feet of the Falls, you feel all the power and the strenght of this unique natural beauty.

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