Hiking along the old railway line from Loudeac to Laurenan

Brittany has so much to discover and it is a wonderful place for great trekking!

The Grand Randonne 34, along the Coast of Brittany is certainly the most famous walk, but there are many walks less known that it's still be interesting to discover.

Brittany has a lot of beautiful walks to offer away from the beaten track.

Forty kilometers South of St Brieuc and St Malo, an old railway line not more in use has been transformed in a great path ideal for cycling and hiking.

It is called "ligne verde", litteraly translated "green line" and we discovered for you the section from Loudeac to Laurenan, running along the border between the rigion of Cotes d'Armor and Morbihan.

It is a nice section to walk in a day, it is long little more than 25 Km and it is easy to walk.

The town of Loudeac, the starting point of the walk, is quite little, but has a beautiful square with few shops an old church and few medieval buildings.

From South of Loudeac the walk start running along the back gardens of some houses before to cross the highway and then run along the fields. 

The more you walk and the more the panorama become interesting, with broader views towards the fields and the chance to admire the old train stations now available to let if you are travelling in group along the path.

After having passed near the village of Plemet (14 Km from Loudeac and 11 to Laurenan) the panorama changes and soft hills replace the flat fields you have seen before.

You will walk a section in the wood before finally emerge near the little town of Laurenan.

Although very little, the town of Laurenan has a beautiful square where the church and the war memorial are situated.

You can either stop in Laurenan and visit the surrounding countryside or keep going towards Merdrignac 10 km away from Laurenan.   

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