The most beautiful house in the world!

Where is the most beautiful house in the world?

Each one of us will provide probably a different answer according with our taste, but also for what we have seen and what we know.

This is "our" most beautiful house in the world.

Not many would know this building, it is not famous, but if you visit it you will feel the special charme this house has.

It is now a museum, but it feels as if it is still inhabited today.

It is rich of history, of music of people of life and it is beautiful in its modesty.

It is not a luxurious house or a castle, but we found it beautiful, elegant and inspiring.

Below you find a short history and some interesting  info about this charming house.

We hope you like it!

Koom Vongburi is situated in the pretty town of Phrae, in Thailand, away from the beaten track.

Although not spectacular as Ayutthaya or Sukhothai, Phrae offers enough for a day visit and the atmosphere is much more quiet and relaxed and the air is finally (relatively) more clean and breathable than in most touristy destinations in Thailand.

The streets are narrow in Phrae and beautiful houses built in teak wood are the main attraction of the town.

One is particularly interesting: the Koom Vongbouri (Vangburi House).

The Vangburi House has the charm of an old colonial upper class mansion.

It is completely built in teak wood and painted in white and pink.

Koom Vongbouri was the wonderful residence of the lord of Phrae: Prince Chumlamanee Sirimekphumin.

The man was a local rich land owner that improved the agricultural production in the are and for that reason he was awarded by the King of Thailand with more land and power in Phrae.

What is amazing is that the house is still containing today bits of original furniture, weapons and documents of the time, but it is the feeling of luxury in the large livingroom and in the shady tropical garden that makes this place special.

More photos for you below. 

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