7 Sights of New York City and some good tips for visiting NYC on a budget

NYC - Broadway

One more world capital to explore in 7 pics... This is NYC in spring: the colours of the Great Apple are shining under the sun!

Yellow taxis, red neons, green parks, grey buildings, and blue Hudson waters... One of the many possible dresses NYC can put on through the year... one of the most impressive and dynamic!

Some cities look the same through the time. In NYC I easily got the feeling that everything is changing so fast that you feel these photos represent just a second of its long life, you can be back in the city in a year and all this will be gone, all will be different!

These are not postcards of NYC, they are more slow motion pictures of the Big City!

NYC is expensive? Yes, it is but there are many ways to visit NYC on a budget, read our tips below.

NYC - Shop Window

We concentrate on one particular aspect of NYC that many people inevitably notice when they visit it: New York is very expensive to visit!

So on this post and on our other post about NYC we offer you some tips to save some money and still enjoy the best of New York City. We hope you find them useful.

I. Don't rush to visit the Statue of Liberty first thing!

II. Walk on the Brooklyn Bridge instead to have your first sight of NYC!

NYC - Wall Street 
III. Take the ferry to Staten Island and back. It is free and it will offer you great views of New York and its skyline (yes its skyline!).
You should also repeat the trip at night and enjoy NYC by night, which is a wonderful sight!

IV. Entrance at Central Park is free and the Park offers a completely different prospective of the city life and a great place from some relax, particularly if compared with the busy roads of Manhattan. Plan to spend at least half a day in the park!

NYC - World Trade Center Memorial

NYC - Rescuer at Sea

V. Accommodation is definitely expensive in NYC.
The more the accommodation is far away from Manhattan and the other touristy areas and the more the price would be reasonable, but don't be tempted to base yourself too further away from the heart of the city. What you will save in accommodation you will loose in time and in transport (which is not cheap either!).
Soon we are going to add a list of reasonable and reliable accommodation in New York City.

NYC - The Yellow Panthers running free in the Urban Jungle

NYC - Times Square

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