More Tips and photos to plan your visit to New York City

New York skyline at sunset - New York City

This is NYC in spring: the colours of the Great Apple are shining under the sun!

From the noise and the traffic of the 5th Avenue to the quiet lanes of Central Park.
Lights and sights of a wonderful city, where dimensions and proportions offer always a new prospective to life.

Some cities look the same through the time. 

In NYC I easily got the feeling that everything is changing so fast that you feel these photos represent just a second of its long life, you can be back in the city in a year and all this will be gone, all will be different!

These are not postcards of NYC, they are more slow motion pictures of the Big City!

Below we are going to offer you some useful tips to visit New York City on a budget, here the second five tips (To read the first five, click here).

VI. If you want to save some money consider not to book your flights from/to New York but prefer Baltimora, Washington or even Philadelphia. Air fares are much cheaper there and the airports are connected to NYC with reliable, fast and reasonably inexpensive bus companies, particularly if you book your tickets via internet.

VII. Don't book your bus journeys with the super cheap Asian bus companies. Many of their buses are stopped by the police on the highway, checked and most of the time not allowed to finish the journey because they are below the minimum standards of safety requested by law. The result is that you will have either to wait a new bus (if you are lucky enough that the company will send one), or wait for hours for a taxi to finally arrive to collect you and than pay an expensive fare to reach your destination.

Imagine - John Lennon Memorial - Central Park - New York City
VIII. Journeys with metro are long even if only between the most central areas of the city. Plan your visit to NYC choosing no more than two areas for every day. If you constantly move from area to area without a planned itinerary you will end up spending most of the day in the tube and see little of NYC.

IX. Train is much more expensive than bus. Although the train is faster you have to consider that security checks are much longer if you travel by train, so at the end of the day the train will not make you save much time, particularly for relatively short journeys (up to 3 / 4 hours).

Action @ Central Park - New York City

X. Speaking about relatively short journeys, plan a 3 days visit to Washington DC.

There most of the monuments and museums are free and very very interesting and accommodation prices much more reasonable. 

For the moment we only published about the National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC, which is actually very interesting and free, but soon we will publish more! 

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Be inspired!