We broke a rule and we decided to publish a post about Jairo Mora on our blog.

Our blog only posts photos and stories related to travel, but we decided to accept the request made by one of our readers who asked to publish a post about Jairo Mora as a sign of respect for his courage and his death and as a way to increase public awareness about it.

Jairo Mora  was found dead the 30th of May after being beaten with his hands tied behind his back on a beach in Costa Rica. Autopsy results revealed that he had died from asphyxiation after being struck in the back of the head.

He was an environmentalist and he was patrolling a beach in Costa Rica to protect the sea turtles eggs nested in the sand and to avoid them to be stolen by illegal traffickers. He was 26 y.o. and he was brutally killed by the poachers.

Mora received frequent death threats, including an incident just weeks before his death where he was threatened at gunpoint.  He also denounced the lack of support by Costarican police in helping and protecting the environmentalist patrolling the beaches.

We honour the man, his courage and his will for fighting for what is right and what is fair and just.

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