Do you want an idea for a romantic destination? Ludwig Castles - The fairy castles of King Ludwig II in the heart of Germany

Linderhof Castle - Ludwig's Palace is maybe less famous than Neuschwanstein Castle,
but certainly extremely impressing with its wonderful park decorated with many beautiful statues.

Who was King Ludwig II?

King Ludwig II was a dreamer. 

He loved the mountains of Bavaria, he loved the Romantic literature and the Romantic music and having both power, being a king, and fantasy, being a dreamer, he made his dreams true.

He built wonderful castles in his own kingdom, in Bavaria. 

He built the Wonderful Neuschwanstein castle. It is so impressive to inspire Richard Wagner, and later Walt Disney, two dreamers of their own times, if you like to see at them in this way.

Ludwig II, King of Bavaria, lived his childhood in the castle of Hohenschwangau, the beautiful yellow painted castle that stands now in front of the Neuschwanstein Castle. 

During all his childhood he saw from the window of his room a bare peak in front of him and he dreamed that one day there he would have built there his romantic castle. 

Later, when he became King, Ludwig II did built there his castle, Neuschwanstein Castle.

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Why Ludwig Castles are dreams on earth?

Is it not a wonderful thing to be able to make your own dreams come true?

I think it is! It is wonderful to think that some one, even if a king, I know it is a little bit for a king, was able to make his more incredible dreams become true.   

He didn't stop to build his dreams after having built Neuschwanstein castle. 

He loved Versailles and he built his own Versailles in Bavaria. 

On a beautiful, unspoiled island, in the middle of the lake Chiemsee, he built Herrenchiemsee palace. 

If you visit it today it will look more scenic than Versailles, because of its wonderful setting, surrounded by the Bavarian Alps and the beautiful lake.

Maybe the most famous castle in Germany - Neuschwanstein near Fussen
Herrenchiemsee palace, in the middle of the lake Chiemsee - A fantastic destination for your day trip 

What's Ludwig's Jewel?

And, yes, Ludwig didn't stop yet! 

Ludwig decided two castles weren't enough for him! 

So he built a wonderful example of Rococo Park and Villa, on a wide scenic valley near Ettal: Linderhof Castle. 

So Ettal possesses now two incredible jewels: Ludwig's Linderhof Palace and Ettal inspiring Benedictine monastery.

And if you have time, read about the romantic life of King Ludwig II and its sad end. Forced to commit suicide by the Bavarian nobility, who distrusted and disliked his genius!

People of his time thought he was crazy. History affirmed he was a genius! His story is an example of a life spent in the constant research and admiration of the artistic and natural beauty.

Personally I believe Ludwig Castles are not just impressive, they are genial!

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