Belas Knap - The Prehistoric site on the path from Winchcombe to Cleve Hill
The 4th section of our walk starts from Winchcombe a beautiful Cotswold's village with the elegant Sudeley Castle towering at the back of the little town.

Today we are going to walk 9,5 miles. The walk starts from Winchcombe and follows the Cotswold Way till Cleve Hill.

Cleve Hill itself is not more than a pub, a viewpoint with beautiful views down in the valley, few houses and a golf club. Although the walk from Winchcombe is quite tiring the path has a lot to offer. 

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We already walked
4,5 miles from Chipping Campden to Broadway

and another
9,5 miles from Broadway to Winchcombe
and visited Sudeley Castle.

Now it's time to be on our way again!

The walk today starts near Sudeley Castle, where the valley opens up, and the path continues along the fields to reach Belas Knap.

Belas Knap is a prehistoric burial place, very interesting to visit.

It is very well preserved and, standing at the top of the hill, it offers beautiful views all over the valley.

It is a very atmospheric place.

The four doors of the large tumulus really look like the gateway from life to death.

This prehistoric monument appears somehow modern, or maybe better to say timeless, in its perfect, unchangeable shape, surrounded by a panorama that little has changed from the time our ancestors built it.

The path leaves Belas Knap to descends towards Cleve Hill where the track detours along the golf club before to reach the little village. 

Here our suggested detour starts. It seems silly to pass so near such an elegant town as Cheltenham and just keep going without visiting it. 

The Map of the 4th Section of our walk. Visit or Cotswold Way Project page for maps and sections.

You should walk down in Cleve Hill tiny village, stop for a good lunch at the “Rising Sun” Pub, with a splendid view from the garden and then, after a good rest, follow the main road that softly descends towards Cheltenham, just for a mile and get to Southam. From Southam, a path cutting through the fields will lead you straight to Cheltenham, with great views over the very famous Cheltenham horse racecourse.

Cheltenham is a very elegant and relaxed town, with beautiful Georgian architecture. It certainly deserves a visit
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To read more about the Cotswold Way, read about its history, our itinerary and watch the videos already published and the section 1 and to 2 of our walk read our "Cotswold Way Project" Page on our blog. ...See you next week!