The Old Lantern in Stanton on the way from Broadway to Winchcombe

What is this post about?

This post is about a great walk in England, for lovers of trekking, walking or just the English countryside.

We divided the Cotswold Way, one of the most beautiful long walks in England and United Kingdom, in sections and for each section we offer you some useful info to plan your walk and a short video of the walk.

This is section number 2 - from Broadway to Winchcombe.

What is the Cotswold Way?

The Cotswold Way is a wonderful walk in the heart of England, in the beautiful area of the Cotswold Hills near Bath.

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How is the walk from Broadway to Winchcombe and what is to see along the walk?

Our Cotswold Way project continues with the second section of the walk from Broadway to Winchcombe.

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Here the second section of the Cotswold way. 

From Broadway the Cotswold Way starts behind the church, climbing the hills above the town and offering beautiful views of the green valley. Then the way pass through the beautiful village of Stanton, that although very little, is extremely beautiful. The old lantern in the centre of the common is maybe one of the highlights of Stanton, with its church and graveyard.

After a mile, or maybe even less, you are at Stanway, another beautiful Cotswold's village with the rich Jacobean House next to the church, with its elegant gate, unfortunately closed during most of the year. Next stop along the path, that for then seems already long enough, is Hailes. Here the remains of the Old Abbey, at the end of a steep descend through the wood, offer a scenic stop for resting and give the chance to admire the beautiful arches of the abbey. 
Then finally the path enters Winchcombe.

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What is so special about Winchcombe?

Most of the villages along the Cotswold Way are very quiet and beautiful but Winchcombe has something special to offer. Its old houses are made of a darker shade of stone if compared from the one of Broadway and Chipping Campden but they are particularly picturesque.
The main attraction in Winchcombe is certainly Sudeley Castle that deserve a visit and we will visit it next week, stay with us!

Where I can read more about Sudeley Castle?

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The typical landscape of the Cotswold

The beautiful village of Winchcombe with its beautiful cottages

Walking Distance: 9,5 miles
Difficulty: Medium
My advice: Plan your itinerary so to have 2 nights in Winchcombe and visit Sudeley Castle the following day.

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