Have you ever been at the End of the World?

Tierra del Fuego National Park is one of the most beautiful parks in the world.
The trekking along the path Senda Costera is one of the most beautiful and panoramic in the whole of Argentina.

The Argentinians call it Culo del Mundo.

Not a very nice expression, although extremely clear ("culo" means "arse", "mundo" means "world", for the ones who didn't know!).

Another way to call it is "Fine del Mundo" a much nicer form that translated means the "End of the World".

"Culo del Mundo", "Fine del Mundo", "End of the World", all expressions that design the Southern corner of Argentina.

Technically the Southern corner of Argentina isn't the end of the South American Continent, as the Southern Continent of South America belongs to Chile.

This said, the Southern region of Argentina, also known as "Tierra del Fuego", litterally translated "Land of Fire", looks really as the "End of the World".

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The name "Tierra del Fuego", "Land of Fire", seems to be related to the native's custom to carry on their canoes live fires.

The natives were called Shimani (although they should be correctly named Yaghanes).

You can easily imagine the impression that the live fires floating on the water should have made on the first European explorers!

Away from everything the National Park Tierra del Fuego is one of the most beautiful and scenic natural parks of the world.

The beautiful path "Senda Costera" runs along the sea and the snow capped mountains behind offering the best panoramas of the area and a very enjoyable path for trekking and hiking.

The long path ends at Baia Lapataia, the Southern place in Argentina and certainly a beautiful windy bay to admire.

Along the walk to Baia Lapataia in the National Park Tierra del Fuego.

Sealions busking in the sun on the rocks in front of Ushuaia (watch the video above)
One more panorama at the Tierra del Fuego National Park at Baia Lapataia

You can visit the National Park Tierra del Fuego in one day, although if you have two days you can explore some other paths you will most certainly enjoy if you are a tramper.

You should also spend a day to visit the town of Ushuaia the only town in the area.

Ushuaia is a town of hostels, restaurants and hotel. Although not particulary beautiful in its architecture it has a long and beautiful and harbour and a feeling of adventure that in these days is rare to find in many other once adventurous (and now touristy!) destinations around the globe!

Visiting the local museum in the Governor's Building is a good way to appreciate the old feeling of adventure that possess this city at the "End of the World"

We absolutely recommend that you take a day excursion to the Isla Martillo and visit a colony of Magellan Penguins living free on the island.

Stop also to visit the nearby Estancia Haberton, that would be certainly be familiar to you if you read Bruce Chatwin's "In Patagonia" travel masterpiece!

That's not enough?

There is more you can do if you are visiting Ushuaia!

You can take a boat trip from Ushuaia harbour to admire cormorants and sealions busking in the sun on the rocks in front of the town, a fantastic and unique experience!

Do this in the evening and you will enjoy a fantastic sunset and wonderful views over the Southern lighthouse of the word at Les Eclariers!

Still be not enough?

Well go at the harbour and queue for a last minute ticket for one of the many Anthartic cruises.

This not having checked before you are equipped accordingly, it is a bit cold down there...
Walking with the penguins, one of the most amazing experience in Argentina.

The town of Ushuaia with the imposing Cerros mountains behind.
Ushuaia's harbour at night, surrouned by the mountains.

How to get to Ushuaia?

Ushuaia has a very well connected airport with reguar daily flights from Buenos Aires, El Calafate, where the amazing Glacier Perito Moreno is, and many other cities in Argentina and Chile.

Absolutely prefer the plane to the bus, unless you have at least a month to spend in Argentina and read our page Travel in Argentina before to start your journey.

Where to stay in Ushuaia?

Ushuaia has lots of accommodation from inexpensive hostels to hotels, but book an advance because it can be easily all full.

Read also our page Visit Argentina when you are planning your journey or read our ready made itinerary to visit Patagonia Argentina.