Walking around Brest: Le Conquet and Pointe de St Mathieu

Where to go just ouside Brest?

Brest is a very interesting city to visit.

We dedicated three posts to Brest exploring for you the town centre, the harbour and the famous acquarium, but after visiting Brest you may look for some relaxing day trips just outside the town.

Here two great places to enjoy for a nice afternoon trip not far from Brest in Brittany: the beautiful village of Le Conquet and the famous area of Pointe St Mathieu.

Discovering Le Conquet:

Where is Le Conquet?

We absolutely recommend a visit to the charming fishermen village of Le Conquet.

The village of Le Conquet is situated 24 km West of Brest and you can easily get there if you have a car.

It is situated along the famous walk Grande Randonnée 34, so you can also consider walking at least part of the way to the village.

What is to see in Le Conquet?

Le Conquet is a beautiful interesting  village, with nice bars, shops and restaurants.

You can first wonder aloong the harbour, enjoy some great views towards the ocean and the isle of Ouessant and then take time to walk the narrow street of the old town.

Admire the beautiful cottages, visit the church of the village and stop at one of the many creperie to enjoy the famous French Crepes and Gallettes Bretonnes.

Are you interested to know how to make French Crepes and Gallettes Bretonnes?

Read our dedicated post about how to make French Crepes and Gallettes Bretonnes.

Scroll down in the page to read about Pointe St Mathieu.

How to get to Pointe de St Mathieu?

Pointe de St Mathieu is not far from Le Conquet.

You can alternatively walk along the coastal path Grande Randonnée 34 or drive along the "Route touristique".

Both ways run along the coast, direction South from Le Conquet.

What is to see at Pointe de St Mathieu?

Pointe de St Mathieu is one of the most dramatic and scenic points along the North west Coast Coast of France.

What is more interesting about this scenic point above the cliffs is how during the centuries attracted people for many different activities.

Today you can still see the ruins of the Abbaye Saint-Mathieu de Fine-Terre.

The abbey is extremely dramatic now that part of the roof is fallen and the windows and doors of the church has been taken away from the time.

Just next to the abbey is the lighthouse, its red and white colours shining in the sun.

From the cliffs is easy to spot dolphins jumping out of the water.

The site is somehow magic and its rugged coast extremely scenic, so to become the setting for the TV saga Dolmen and there is plenty to walk along the coast.

You can also visit the lighthouse, that is also a museum, and from the top enjoy spectaculars views of the area.

A special thanks goes to Cathy Dolou from Brest for her help in making this post!
(If you are planning to walk along the Grand Randonnée 34 and you would like to meet some local trekkers consider contacting the local walking group for the area around Brest. It is free and it is good fun. Click here for more info)
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