Nantes: The little Paris (Visiting Nantes #3 - The old town)

Nantes has many different styles and aspects.

After having discovered the medieval Nantes with a dedicated post about The Cathedral of Nantes and one about The Castle of the Duchess Ann in Nantes, is time to discover the classical, or better say Neoclassical Nantes.

The white symmetric buildings of the city centre and the large squares are certainly reminiscent of Paris, the Ville Lumiere.

Certainly having, like Paris, the river crossing the city and offering open views along the city's skyline makes Nantes even more reminiscent of the French Capital.

Here we collected some photos of Nantes we hoped you find interesting and inspiring for your next trip.

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One of the first things you will notice in Nates is the many bars and pubs where people sit out in the evening.

One of the many restaurants in the cobbled streets of  Nantes waiting for the evening to start.

La Place Royale, the Royal Square. Completely destroyed during the II World War the Square has been carefully restored as it was.

One more sight of the Place Royale, notice the beautiful façades of the buildings surrounding the fountain.

The Place Royale is a popular place to hang out in Nantes.

The white churchtower and the black roofs make a wonderful contrast in Nantes skyline.

Cathedral, black roofs and church tower, one of the most beautiful faces of Nantes.

The beautiful façade of Notre Dame de Bon Port, one of the many beautiful churches of Nantes. 
Cours Cambronne: an elegant park in the heart of Nantes. Ofter overlooked by the tourists, we find this park especially beautiful and relaxing.

One more sight of Cours Cambronne

Back in the Royal Square in a quiet Sunday morning, when the town is empty and the shops are closed.
It is the best time to look to the beautiful architecture and the white façades.

More sights of the Royal Square.

We hope you enjoyed these photos of Nantes.

This post has been made thanks to Nina Latouille from Nantes. 

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