Two days in the Maine Loire region. What's to see around Angers?

The pretty town of Segré in the region of the Maine-Loire in France is situated next to Angers.
Take time to walk along the river and enjoy the views from l'eglise de la Madelene, the beautiful church at the top of the hill.
Angers is a wonderful pretty French town in the region of Maine and Loire (Pays de la Loire) at the beginning of the Loire Valley.

We really like Angers and we dedicated a post to its beautiful castle and the little medieval town surrounding it (click here to read it).

But you will probably find that a day is enough to visit Angers, so what else to see in the area?

We propose the pretty village of Segré, around 20 kms away from Angers.

Why to visit Segré?

We think Segré is a typical French village, that it is still possess the slow pace and the love for daily life that many other French villages have lost through the time and the increasing number of tourists invading the Loire's Castles region.

Segré is also very enjoyable to walk about. 

Apart for the few shops along the main street, it is along the river that you can have an enjoyable stroll surrounded by the beautiful French countryside.

And if you want a broader, wonderful view climb to the church at the top of the hill an enjoy the surrounding panorama from the viewpoint in front of l'Eglise de la Madalene.

From Segré you can walk, or better cycle, along the quiet country lanes and visit the little hamlet of Louvaines and the local production of organic apple juice and cider (click here to read more about).

Hope you enjoy this post and the photos below, read the captions below each photo for more useful info to plan your travel in trip in Segré and Louvaines.

Below, at the end of the post, you can also find some useful links and a map of the area to plan your trip.

Enjoy a nice walk in Segré along the river and look carefully at the center of the river to discover a little and funny surprise...

Who is dividing in the river??

With the old bridge over the river Oudon, the colourful flowers and the church at the top we think Segré is one of the most charming villages in France.

Panorama of Segré from the viewpoint in front of Madelene's Church.

Circuit entre Pierres et Pommes... litteraly translates: Toristic circuit between stones and apples. The area is famous for both things but we absolutely recommend to take time to visit (or at least taste) some wonderful apples products locally and organically made.

The little village of Louvaines, there is no much to see but we absolutely recommend the short cycle from Segré (6 kms one-way)

The Chateau next to Louvaines.

A huge thanks goes to Jean-Louis and Marie Agnes Lardeux from Louvaines near Angers for their generous help and support.

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