Angers - The historical capital of Anjou - Exploring the Castles of the Loire Valley #2

The beautiful Castle of Angers. Outside, where the moat one time was, the beautiful garden is inspired at the famous Apocalypse Tapestry conserved inside the Castle.

Why Angers is so famous in history?

Angers is the second wonderful city that we are going to visit along the Loire Valley after Nantes (click here if you want to read about Nantes).

Situated East of Nantes, Angers possesses an astonishing castle that towers above the town.

Angers became the "Clé du Royaume" (Key to the Kingdom) facing independent Brittany.

In 1228, during Louis IX's minority, Blanche of Castile decided to fortify the city and to rebuild the castle.

In 1373, Louis I of Naples and Anjou ordered the six tapestries illustrating the Apocalypse of St John, known today as the Apocalypse Tapestry, the main feature in the Angers Castle.

The imposing castle, with its 17 huge towers built of schist and tufa, overlooking the river Maine, is certainly the best witness of the importance of Angers in history.

We absolutely recommend you to spend time admiring the gardens at the feet of the castle...

...the huge towers...

...and finally walk along the river and admire the castle from there.

Then enter in the Castle to admire the Apocalypse Tapestry.

What else to see in Angers apart the castle?

Although the Castle is certainly the most interesting attraction in Angers, Angers is not only the castle.

Angers is a beautiful town.

From the Castle the cobbled streets leads to the top of the hill where is the beautiful  Saint-Maurice Cathedral of Angers that is certainly worth a visit.

Angers Cathedral was constructed on the orders of the bishop Normand de Doué and Guillaume de Beaumont after the original building burnt down in 1032.

The stained glass window of Saint Julian in the transept is considered a masterpiece of French 13th century glasswork.

The cathedral is the first building to boast the famous Angevin architectural style (the typical Anjou gothic style).

The church is certainly worth a visit for its imposing interior.

From the river, next to the castle, the elegant stairs lead to the Cathedral and the old town.

Spend the afternoon walking through the maze of cobbled lanes.

...and finally visit the Cathedral.

Visiting the Adam's House:

The other main building of the town is the Adam's House.

The Maison d'Adam (Adam's House), located behind the cathedral, is an excellent example of the half-timbered houses which were built during the Middle Ages.

Many similar houses, although smaller, are also visible along the streets around the castle.

The city also displays several Renaissance and classical hôtels particuliers, the most renowned being the Logis Pincé from the 16th century.

Adam's House, one of the most beautiful medieval buildings in France.

What else to visit near Angers?

If you are in Angers for longer consider visiting the beautiful city of Nantes, 90 kms away and well connected by train.

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A huge thanks goes to Jean Louis and Marie Agnes Lardeux from Louvaines near Angers for their generous help and support.

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