The Red Wine Sanctuary of France: discovering the beautiful town of Saint Emilion a perfect trip from Bordeaux

A picturesque sight of Saint Emilion: one of the most famous beautiful villages in France.

Why St Emilion is so famous?

St Emilion is famous worldwide for its wine and its vineyards but its also an incredible beautiful town in France.

We discover for you this beautiful little town not far from Bordeaux.

Situated on a hill, St Emilon offers beautiful panoramas on the vineyards around but with its narrow streets and its old building it is very picturesque and enjoyable to walk about.

Restaurants, pub, creperies and many wine shops offer plenty to do to the visitor and although very touristy, St Emilion still possesses the genuine atmosphere of the French countryside.

Saint-Émilion's history goes back to prehistoric times and is a World Heritage site, with fascinating Romanesque churches and ruins stretching all along steep and narrow streets.

This place become in the years one of the most famous places in the world for the production of wine.

Saint-Émilion is one of the principal red wine areas of Bordeaux along with the Médoc, Graves and Pomerol.

The first vineyards were planted by the Romans and from more than during two millenniums this place is a sanctuary for the production of the wine.

The beautiful church in the main square of St Emilion.

The medieval gate of Saint Emilion.

The vineyards of St Emilion, one of the most famous vineyards of France.

A bottle of Grand Cru Classé made in St Emilion.

Another beautiful sight of the beautiful church in the main square of St Emilion.

Why you should visit St Emilion:

You should certainly visit St Emilion if you love wines and French wines in particularly, but even if you are not interested in wines, you should visit St Emilion just because is a very nice little town.

The town is situated on top of a hill surrounded by the vineyards.

Around the church, little cobbled streets connect the old buildings of the town and make a unique sight
(we believe the photos on this post are much more interesting and explicative that a long description).

The town is visited each year by more than 1 million visitors.

The town of Saint Emilion is part of the Unesco heritage and it is considered one of the best preserved towns in the world for wine production.

Here a list of the most famous monuments in town:

L'Ermitage de Saint-Émilion

Les chapelles (the most famous churches) :
Chapelle de la Trinité              
Chapelle de la Madeleine
L'église monolithe
L'église collégiale et son cloître
Le cloître des Cordeliers
L'église du couvent des Dominicains
L'église Saint-Martin de Mazerat
La tour du Roy ou château du Roi also known as the King's Castle

L'ancien Doyenné
Le palais des Archevêques (the Bishop House)

Les remparts - The old walls

La maison Gothique, rue Guadet

Les catacombes - The catacombs

The main square of Saint Emilion seen from the church.

Another beautiful panorama of Saint Emilion, with the vineyards in the background.

The panorama of the little beautiful village of Saint Emilion

The tower above Saint Emilion, you can visit the tower to enjoy a great panorama of the French little town.

Take time to explore Saint Emilion. it is a perfect destination for a day trip from Bordeaux.

Where is St Emilion and how I can get there?

St Emilion is in France, situated 40 Km west of Bordeaux.
Although you can get to St Emilion by car from Bordeaux we recommend to take one of the many trains connecting daily Bordeaux at St Emilion.

If you are interested to visit some of the most famous caves and wine brand in the area consider booking a tour at the Tourist Office in Bordeaux, usually the transport to and from St Emilion is included in the tour.

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